New beers – December 14th, 2016

Happy holidays everyone!

I can’t help but notice an increase in how crazy my Wednesdays are over the last month and a half. Approaching Christmas does that I suppose. To make the best of it, I just have to keep bringing in the most delicious brews that I can find. If I do this then during all the heavy lifting and icy cold 8am shipment receiving, I’ll at least have my own little surprises to open. There’s just over a week to go, and in typical Shawn fashion, I’ve not done any of my Christmas shopping heh… it’s ok though because everyone is getting either Whisky or beer, and that makes it easy.

Anyhow, that’s how things are going with me. As for the store, things are getting super busy, and I’m seeing my shelves empty and fill repeatedly! If you happen to need any gift ideas, maybe consider a gift basket full of beer! Just come and ask me, or give me a shout in the store (403-283-8000) and I can pick out an amazing little selection for you, or better yet, sign someone up for our monthly beer gift club! It’s the gift that gives for at least 3 months.

I feel like an advertisement, I have to stop. I’m just going to get to the new beers now.

Black Lager by Tofino brewing: Tofino has seen a more than warm welcome in Alberta, and for good reason. Their beers are approachable, and well made. This dark lager has the crisp, clean qualities of a lager, but with noticeably fuller body, and dark roasted flavours to strike a wonderful balance of bold flavour and refreshment. ($9.09 for a 650mL bottle)

Dry Craft Cider, and Dry Hopped Cider by Uncommon Cider: Uncommon Cider is Alberta’s first craft Cidery! Both ciders are light and crisp with ripe fruity notes, though the dry hopped version is hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops (the beer lovers are already drooling here), that give the cider beautiful floral notes and hints of citrus and tropical fruits ($10.99 each for a 500mL bottle)

Four Thirty session stout by Bent Stick Brewing: Four Thirty is in reference to our short winter days and the darkness that tends to come a little too early sometimes! This so-called Edmonton style session stout is a little lighter than other stouts, and as a result is super easy to drink with silky dark malts and chocolate notes. ($7.39 for a 650mL bottle)

Blue Monk Barley Wine and Bourbon Barreled Barley Wine by Brewsters: Blue Monk Barley Wine is an English style strong ale characterized by an intense, fruity flavour with notes of bread and toffee, dried fruits, and a hefty alcohol through it. In the Bourbon Barreled version, the barrel lends notes of boozy prunes, creamy American oak and furthers the sweetness. ($6.49 for non-barreled version, $8.29 for barreled version, each 330mL bottles)

Saison Fleurs Sauvages: A very unique saison made with wild elderflowers, raspberry and heracleum. The flowers give the beer an amazing floral nose that compliments the yeasty notes really nicely. Bready and straw flavours along with fruity Belgian notes, though a little less flowers than you might think, and it all wraps up with a firm bitterness. ($10.79 for a 750mL bottle)

Just a few returning favourites this time around, and they include St Bernardus ABT 12, St Louis Gueuze fond traditional, and Ola Dubh 12 and 18 year old.

Last but not least, a quick update on the growler bar fills, here is what I have on tap this week!

-Trolley 5/Banded Peak Northern Lights Black IPA
-Banded Peak Chinook Saison
-Brasserie Dunham Cyclope Beta IPA (with Equinox and Amarillo)
-Trolley 5 Lucille The Walking Red Red IPA

and each are absolutely delicious (make sure to get that Black IPA before it’s gone (only 20 Liters!).

That’s about all folks! See you next week.

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