Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada July First Friday Releases

The Kensington Wine Market was home to two Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada First Friday tasting July 6th, 2012. Two groups of Society members and guests had the privilege of sampling through the latest offerings by the Canadian arm of the world’s largest whisky club. The July releases are as follows:

  1. 1.164 – Cheshire Cat Whisky – 27 Year – Refill Ex- Bourbon Hogshead – 52.1% – Outturn: 230 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: ” ‘Sweet manna from heaven’ – toffee, fudge, caramel, Toffifees, vanilla, honey – but more – tea chests, spice racks, aromatic smoke, burnt heather and pencils in a library – we could have sniffed it endlessly. Water opened up the fruit – sherbet, orange zest, peach, strawberry, tinned grapes, sweet sap and light smoke – panellists grinning like Cheshire cats. The sweet, oaky palate had tablet, fudge and bread dough – by an open fire; but it also had a darker side – woody, earthy, drying, with sticky cassis and treacle. Water brightened it up – Starbursts, Skittles and spicy Advocaat. From the distillery always directed by John or George.” Drinking Tip: “It needs time – one for a long journey perhaps – or for an evening with no pressure.” - $184.99 + GST
  2. 39.85 – A Whisky To Dream About – 29 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead – 57.4% – Outturn: 274 bottles. – Panel’s Tasting Note: ” We were drawn into this whisky, a dreamlike state descending on the panel. Our nostrils remembered bananas, toffee and custard in a rose garden. The blades of grass were red laces. Adding water saw us reading old leather books, while bananas, pineapples and lemons grew all around. Meanwhile our tongues recalled oak and spice with liquorice and plum skins before water introduced mangoes, kiwi fruits and a big box of apples made out of sandalwood. A dream so real, we could taste and smell every second of it. Wonderful!” Drinking Tip: “Perfect for an afternoon of daydreaming in the rose garden.” – $198.99 + GST
  3. 64.35 – Nicey, Nicey, Sweet n’ Spicey – 21 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – 55.2% – Outturn: 208 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: ” The nose was finely layered – old-fashioned, expensive, floral perfume on top; apple sauce, gooseberry purée and a tin of fruity boiled sweets below that; the olfactory sub-strata inhabited by patent leather and old books. The taste was sweet and hot – opinions included tom yam soup, mango chutney, HP Sauce, chilli, crystallised ginger and leather. The reduced nose added floral pot-pourri, plum chutney, polished sandalwood and Indian food (ginger, paprika, etc.). The palate improved but the sweet and savoury profile remained steady – toffee, honey, sugar-coated fennel seeds, liquorice and salty lime pickle. This distillery does not draw water from Loch Dhu!” Drinking Tip: “A bit of a talking point whisky – could accompany an Asian or Indian takeaway.” – $160.99 + GST
  4. 66.33 – Scottish Heidi – 10 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – 58% – Outturn: 211 bottles – - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Aromas of a rock garden with a variety of herbs like sage, fennel and turmeric as well as a floral note of Edelweiss, whilst in the background fresh tar being laid on a road. On the palate smoky Swiss cheese with digestive biscuits then becoming sweeter, brownies and dark mint chocolates with a trace of teasing lavender smoke. Adding water, dry and dusty then turning fresh like a Ricola Lemon mint followed by a nougat note of dark Toblerone. The taste with water is of pork sausages, water biscuits with peppered cream cheese and a dry volcanic ashy note to finish. This distillery is believed to be named after a peninsula between Cardross and Helensburgh.” Drinking Tip: “After skiing with a cheese fondue.” $112.99 + GST – HALF SOLD!
  5. 125.41 – Everything Under the Sun – 16 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – 52.1% – Outturn: 660 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: ” The note-taker was bombarded with descriptors for the nose – morello cherries, tinned pineapple, orange blossom, maple syrup, honey, rum and raisin fudge, treacle toffee, fruit cake, muscovado, clove pomanders, liquorice, leather and oaked wine, to name a few. The palate was equally complex, with raisins, sultanas, dates, fig rolls, Christmas cake, liquorice, eucalyptus, Fisherman’s Friends, caramel, orange oil, leather and PVC. The reduced  nose had Jaffa Cakes, strawberry jam and coffee, while the palate had orange zest, dried fruits, Campinos, burnt sugar, pepper, distant matches and smoke in the finish. The distillery has tall stills and a ghostly White Lady. Drinking Tip: “After dinner, with espresso and dark chocolate.” – $154.49 + GST – ONLY 5 LEFT!
  6. 27.97 – Glazed Chashews and Lemon Lollies – 13 Year – Refill Ex-Sherry Gorda – 57.6% – Outturn: 788 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Stunning for its age! Creamy fudge, condensed milk, Golden Syrup on hot buttered toast; Caramac toffee/chocolate; ‘Dolcé de Leché’ (Argentinian pastries). A very sweet taste, then mouth drying, with a thread of smoke in the finish; caramelised cashew nuts and fresh kindling wood. A drop of water musters crushed rosemary, beurre noir, ‘lemon lollies in warm sand’, sea-salt and a trace of struck matches; the taste smooth and viscous, with a light sweetness balanced by dry tannins; allspice, leather and tobacco in the finish. A classic old-fashioned example of the make from Campbeltown’s leading distillery.” Drinking Tip: “In a beach hut.” – $127.99 + GST – JUST 5/18 LEFT!
  7. 29.110 – Wild West Cowgirl Dressed in Leather – 10 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead – 57.2% – Outturn: 266 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We identified various typical aromas – sea breezes, shell sand, burnt sticks, embers, smoke, and crispy duck on the barbeque – but also vanilla, liquorice, lime, tobacco and fresh laundry flapping on the clothes-line. Mineral notes increased with water – quarries, flint, crushed rock, lobster shells and distant tarmac lorries – also nettles, sorrel and thyme. The palate, at natural strength, was big and busty – a tobacco-chewing, cigar-smoking, Wild West cowgirl dressed in leather. In reduction, sweet malt flavours came through, along with tar, ash, liquorice, dark chocolate, rhubarb and German Salbei throat sweets (sage). From the ‘love it or hate it’ distillery. Drinking Tip: “For reflective moments, preferably by the seashore.” - $118.99 + GST – JUST 3/24 LEFT!


  1. 33.114 – Sweet vs. Savoury – 11 Year – Refill Butt – 56.3% – Outturn: 630 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Bacon, maple syrup and waffles vie with Black Forest Gateaux and sticky toffee pudding, while fried seaweed, spare ribs and black pudding tussle with lint bandages, and smoke. Sweet, rich, smoky, ashy, thick and herbal on the palate lent weight to the meatiness (pork covered in caramel). The addition of water brought forth aromas of smoked goose, salty scallops, toffee, Seville orange marmalade and fresh minty notes. The taste was chewy and rich but this time with scorched heather, burnt citrus, barbecued lamb & mint sauce, violet ice cream and caramelised onions. This distillery’s mascot is Shortie the Jack Russell.” Drinking Tip: “A definite foodie dram – while spit roasting a suckling pig, perhaps?” - $111.99 + GST – JUST 24 MORE COMING IN, 1/3 ALREADY SOLD!

We ran out of 33.114 quickly, and there were some disappointed members. Don’t miss your 2nd chance!

All of July’s releases are available for sampling while supplies last, which often isn’t long…

You have to be a member to buy Scotch Malt Whisky Society whiskies, but membership has its priviledges…

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