New beers – November 25th, 2016

Hey everyone!

It’s order day! It’s order day! My favourite day of the week in which I get to see all the tasty things I had delivered and also fill my shelves up! Things are starting to ramp up for Christmas, and that was apparent during the last weekend when we had our pre-Christmas sale. People came in droves to stock up for the holidays, and it was fantastic! Now we have so many new items to talk about as well as a bunch of returning favourites. I will keep this short (I mean, I always try to keep it short, but sometimes it’s more difficult than others).

One quick thing before I begin is that we’re now only about a week away from December the beginning of Advent, and there are still a few Advent Calendars floating around the store (both Beer and Whisky!). These are both amazing gifts that give for nearly a whole month, and it’ll be truly unfortunate if anyone were to miss out on them. Give the store a call if you have any questions (403 283 8000) or if you want to place an order for one, as we’re almost at the “last minute” time-frame.

OK, so here are all the goodies this week!

Dive Bomb Porter by Powell Street brewing: Powell Streets fall seasonal is a chocolaty and nutty porter with mild roasted character and a decent bitter quality. Easy to sip on with dried fruit and toffee through the finish. ($9.09 for a 650mL bottle)

Bass Shaker Oaked Peach Sour by Phillips brewing: Bright and sour, with wonderfully full peach notes that intermingle very nicely with creamy and mildly fruity  American oak. Just like all seasonals and one shots from Phillips, this one will not last long at all! ($8.49 for a 650mL bottle)

Back Alley Brew Black Star Export Stout by Alley Kat brewing: Alley Kat’s take on this British classic includes local biscuit malt and Golding hops. It’s slightly sweet with notes of chocolate, toast, and a roasty bitterness to compliment it all. ($8.49 for a 650mL bottle)

Killer Green Fresh Hop IPA by Double Mountain brewing: This year’s Killer Green uses Brewer’s Gold and Simcoe. These wonderfully fresh hops give notes of blood orange, pine, and herbal notes that all sit atop a hefty 97 IBUs. ($9.99 for a 500mL bottle)

Sage Fight IIPA by Deschutes brewing: It’s like sitting in a juniper filled forest. Huge herbal sage, spruce, and gin-like notes with a hefty bitterness, and a moderately sweet malty base. ($23.39 for a 6-pack of Bottles)

Affable IPA by Moody Ales: An aroma full IPA if there ever was one! Generous late hop additions make this an aromatic powerhouse. Plenty of pine and citrus, with hints of more tropical fruit. A moderate bitterness rounds out the light yet flavourful malts. ($9.09 for a 650mL bottle)

Dark & Dry Cider by Spire Mountain: A dark and interesting cider made all the more complex with the addition of a little molasses and brown sugar. Dry but with a hint of sweetness to balance out the tart apple notes. ($4.49 for a 330mL bottle)

With Christmas approaching faster than I care to think about it is high time to stock the shelves with all of the fun gift packs everyone loves, and I suppose a Christmas beer or two as well. I’ve only received a few so far, but if you wanted to get a head start on grabbing these gifts (they all sold out last year!) then come grab some of the following. Tripel Karmeliet giftpack featuring 4 beers and a glass ($42.99), Rochefort 8 gift pack featuring 4 beers and a glass ($42.99), and finally, the 2016 edition of Anchor’s Christmas ale (available in 6-packs or 1.5L magnums!)

As always, I have a number of restocked items as well. This week, those items include Oskar Blues Death by Coconut(!!), Phillips Citricity(!), Stone W00t stout and Delicious IPA (Best gluten free beer on the market!), Ninkasi Hop Cooler, vanilla Oatis and Sleigh’r, Tofino Kelp stout and session ale, and Glazen Toren Saison.

That’s all for now folks!

See you in the shop!

- Shawn

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