New beers – September 22, 2016

Hey beer fans!

It’s about 11pm on Wednesday and I am coming to you 1 Wild Rose AF23 and 1/2 a Jerkface deep to tell you about my sweet new beers this week. It’s been a bit of a busy week, and I know you want your beer and I want my sleep. So I’ll hop right to this! This week I was able to get some great beers at dynamite prices, so I’m going to feature those 4 first on the list, followed by the aforementioned Wild Rose. Here we go!

Oak Aged Mocha Stout by Peak Organic Brewing: Peak mixed together their three favourite things – beer, chocolate and coffee. A rich stout serves as the backbone, with organic black and chocolate malts along with artisan chocolate from Taza followed by conditioning on coffee and finally oak-aged. It’s a real luscious and elegant mouth full. ($5.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Boris the Spider by Spider Bite Brewing: From everyone’s favourite Arachnid based brewery, Boris the Spider is an imperial stout that gives the rich, dense, roasty chocolate qualities that everyone craves (I know you do) over a well-hidden 10% alcohol. ($2.99 for a 330mL bottle)

Baltic Porter by Duck Rabbit Brewing: North Carolina brewers Duck Rabbit bring this high alcohol Baltic style porter to the table and boy does it deliver. A rich, silky chocolate filled body with mild bitter notes floating this way and that. Mild toasted malt notes bring balance to an overall decadent beer. ($2.99 for a 330mL bottle)

Dirty Little Freak by Du Claw: This medium bodied porter is loaded with shaved coconut and chocolate notes. Immediately brings chocolate chip macaroons to mind. The flavours are not overly oily and do not stick to the palate as much as other coconut beers. It finishes with a clean bitterness that cleans it all up. ($3.99 for a 330mL bottle)

AF23 Pale ale by Wild Rose Brewing: The AF23 Pale is a light, balanced hop forward beer that’s only moderately bitter but full, full flavoured. Azacca and Mosaic hops keep this beast as tropical as can be, but drinks about as anything you could want!

All 4 of those beers for between 3 and 6 bucks is kind of crazy, make sure not to miss out if you haven’t tried them yet!

Of course we always have returning favourites right? Well I mentioned it last week… and they are finally coming in! 3 pumpkin beers have hit our shelves, and of course our favourites are the first to arrive. Howe Sound, St. Ambroise and Alley Kat’s spicy pumpkin ales are now on the shelf. As a heads up, those last two sold out in record time last year, so make sure not to miss out!

It’s been a couple of years since Alberta has changed the laws on what it takes to open a brewery, and we had no idea what kind of brewers to expect here! Well we’re at the point where we can visit a number of local guys and see what kind of culture we’ve grown! Who’s pushing the bar! Who’s the best, who’s playing it safe?  Well on September 29th, you can join me in sampling the best of what our province has to offer. For $25 we’ll explore the Albeerta frontier and snack on some tasty cheeses. Check out our Schedule online or give the store a shout to secure your seat!

One last note, as of today the Craft Beer Advent Calendar has started to show up on the shelves! This year’s theme is “old world countries, new world beers” where skilled euro brewers try their hand at modern styles! You have until September 25th to get the early bird discount of 7%. Place your order online or call the store.

That`s all for now! Stay tuned for a possible special Keg coming from BC next week!

Until then, cheers!

Shawn (Catch me on twitter @ShawnsBrewsCGY)

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