New beers – September 14th, 2016

Hey everyone! Time for your weekly update on all my new stuff! I’ve got neat new bottles and cans, both light and dark, and a formal update on all the new kegs I’ve tapped (or will be tapping shortly). There has been an influx of Mikkeller stock these past couple of weeks, and since he is one of my brewing idols, I jumped at some of these beers (and will jump on more for next week). Some of my absolute favourites have returned to the shelf after a very unfortunate absence. So here we go!

Papaya Saison by Collective Arts brewing: A neat and new twist on the classic saison. Collective Arts took this early, fruity saison and packed it with papaya to give it a super quenching, almost tart tropical twist. Semi-dry, earthy and crisp. ($3.49 for a 473mL can)

Drink’in Barely Berliner by Mikkeller: Like the name suggests, it’s like you’re drinkin’ but just barely! 0.1%abv on this crisp, lightly acidic sour. Notes of sour fruits (citrus and otherwise), crackers and fresh wort. Unique and modern, in the vein of Kombucha and other non-liquor ferments. ($3.99 for a 330mL bottle)

Mikkeller Porter by Mikkeller: A favourite style from a favourite brewer! This porter is bitter-sweet with low carbonation and a rich, silky mouth feel with notes of coffee, chocolate, dried fruits and toasty malts. ($5.89 for a 330mL bottle)

Texas Ranger Chipotle Porter by Mikkeller: A rich roasted porter border-lining on stout territory. Dense and black, and quite spicy thanks to the addition of chipotle peppers. The smoky peppers compliment the roasted malts, black coffee and bitter spiced chocolate notes and leave a generous (but not overwhelming) heat. You won’t be able to stop drinking this one! ($5.89 for a 330mL bottle)

In the meantime, other freshly tapped kegs include Southern Aspect IPA from Banded peak (a seasonal IPA that’s so fresh we were the second place to buy a keg of it!), First Crush white IPA by Trolley 5, and Yankee Chappie dry hopped American pale mild by The Dandy boys. Each and every one I sampled (multiple times) and deemed delicious.

So that’s about all for now! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @ShawnsBrewsCGY, and see you in the shop!

- Shawn

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