New beers August 23rd, 2016

Hey everyone!

Back again for a quick update on all the neat stuff coming in this week on the beer side! I want to give a quick note that both the Anchorage beers and the Pretty Things beers are flying off the shelf, but I was able to secure a little more for those who haven’t been able to come grab any yet. After tasting through each and every one (rough job hey?) I can safely say they are all superb and are not to be missed! Both Bryan and I have come to the conclusion that Anchorage is one of the absolute best breweries to come into Alberta, though it’s a shame that we only see a tiny bit and very seldom at that!

Aside from that, there are a few new products hitting the shelf, and a couple of gems if I do say so. Here they are.

Oude Mure Tilquin: Belgium’s master blender is at it again! This fruity, tart lambic has 350 grams of blackberries per liter of beer. It is one of the most refreshing lambics you’ll taste! This rare treat from one of the greats is absolutely not going to last, so don’t hesitate! Unfortunately considering how little of it is coming into the province, we have to limit this to 1 bottle per customer. ($20.99 for a 375mL bottle)

De Witte by Dageraad brewing: BC’s Belgian beer authorities have crafted a real treat with this Flemish wit. The usual suspects are all here, malted and un-malted wheat, coriander and orange peel, but the addition of Lactobacilius gives this beer a refreshing, lovely tartness. ($9.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Groundbreaker IPA: The brewery seems to like to change things around from beer to beer. Trying different starch sources in order to produce the body and profile they desire. Roasted chestnuts seem to be their staple, but things like tapioca, lentils and candi sugar have also been used. Typically their IPA is hopped with generous northwestern hops in order to provide that big citrus and pine punch we’ve all grown to crave. ($10.59 for a 650mL bottle)

Farmhouse Cider from Cider Creek: This cider offers an effervescent apple bouquet that delivers authentic cider aromas. It is a blend of the best New York State apples, handpicked and pressed, never from concentrate. This is one of our favourite North American ciders – back in a new format! ($5.59 for a 355mL can)

On the note of Tilquin, I have the his standard Gueuze and Quetsche (plum) in this week as well! These have been favourites for years now and are quite sought after in many parts of the world. Don’t miss out on these special brews!

And there you have it, another amazing week of equally amazing beers! Our fall tasting schedule is coming out right away, but if you look on our website now, you’ll see our FIRST EVER growler party is on September 9th! You can join me in cracking four new kegs on our growler bar, have a taste of all four plus anything else I can muster up. The price includes a 1L growler filled with your choice of beer (for only $30 it is quite a steal if I do say so myself)!

That’s it for this week, see you in the shop!

- Shawn

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