New beers August 11th, 2016

Hey everyone,

I’m back again with some new beers arriving in the store! This week we have some really special arrivals (especially for all you sour fiends) and I’m really excited to tell you about them. So I’m not even going to wait…  here we go!

First and foremost, we’ve received a small allotment of vertical vintage packs of fruit sours from Cascade Brewing. The packs include 4 separate vintages (2012-2015) of Kriek (cherry), Strawberry, or apricot (each pack is 4 bottles of the same fruit). It’s quite rare to be able to get pre-aged beers, and the fact that these are small batch fruit sours from one of America’s most cult producers makes these packs all the more special. It’s the perfect way to experience what time can do to a beer, and these packs are perfect to put on a tasting with a few people! Contact the store to reserve one if you can’t make it in as I have no idea how long these will last. ($204.99 for 4X750mL bottles)

On top of that, we’ve also received a new range from Washington’s Sound Brewing in the theme of the Midway Games’ Mortal Kombat series. The three beers produced were named for characters in the series:

Sub-Zero is a big west-coast IPA with generously sweet malt and a big hoppy punch of sappiness, citrus fruits and a lingering bitterness to bring it into a nice, dry finish.

Scorpion is an Imperial stout that brings both fire and ice to the palate with southwest chilies and Madagascar vanilla bean. Rich, sweet, and toasty with a spicy kick!

Raiden is an Imperial Saison that will satisfy both hop heads and Saison lovers, with a hefty, citrusy character giving way to the grassy and earthy saison notes you crave, all on a generous malty sweetness.

Each beer is $14.09 for a 650mL bottle.

Aside from the new stuff, we’re also restocked on 2 different Canadian Altbiers from 2 different sides of the country! Dieu Du Ciel’s Rescousse is back in 6-packs, and Driftwood’s Crooked Coast is back in bombers!

Not a terrible week if I do say so!

A quick reminder that there are still seats left in both my Saison tasting this coming Friday (August 12), and my wild yeast tasting on Tuesday August 23! Each is only $20 which is a steal of a deal considering the caliber of saisons and sours available here!

One last thing before I go. If you haven’t heard yet, Kensington Wine Market now has a growler bar! This is the perfect time to jump on the growler train if you haven’t yet. Come grab a KWM 1 or 2 liter growler and fill it with one of four rotating taps!

We are currently pouring:

-Last Best IPA
-Banded Peak Plainsbreaker (super dank hoppy wheat ale)
-Dandy kettle sour (the only keg of it they sold!)
-Wild Rose Peach and Apricot Berliner Weisse

OK, that’s about it for this week. Thanks for reading everyone! Until next time,


- Shawn


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