New Beers August 3, 2016

Howdy folks! Long time no see! It’s been a little while since I’ve put one of these updates out, and I apologize for that.  Going forward I’ll be putting these out every week.

Firstly, I have to get this out of the way: GROWLERS! That’s right – at long last, we here at Kensington Wine Market are the proud owners of a growler bar! We have 4 rotating taps that will feature local breweries, mostly keg only, and possibly exclusive beers! Fills are available in 1 or 2 liter volumes, and we have our own growlers for sale if you have yet to get in on the trend! At the moment, the taps are filled with:

-Last Best IPA
-Banded Peak Plainsbreaker (super dank hoppy wheat ale)
-Dandy kettle sour (the only keg of it they sold!)
-Wild Rose Peach and Apricot Berliner Weisse

They are all just too delicious, and I can’t drink them all by myself or Andrew would likely kill me.

Of course aside from that awesome news, I also have the new and returning beers for this week:

New beers!

Breakside Pilsner: A German style pilsner made as authentically as possible. Breakside imports German pilsner malt and sources their own Hallertau hops, along with using natural lagering techniques. Spicy, bready, and ridiculously crisp. ($8.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Breakside Lunch break ISA: A light, hoppy session ale that’s perfect for those mid day hop cravings. Light, but sturdy malts absolutely loaded to the gills with Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade and Centennial hops.  ($8.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Phillips Atomic Buffalo: An unusual fusion of a few styles! Is it a saison? A red ale? Rauch? In reality it’s kind of all of them! Bready and fruity, unfiltered with hints of banana and smoke. ($7.99 for a 650mL bottle)

Postmark Summer Saison: A low alcohol, light, tasty saison, just how we like ‘em! Mild malt sweetness with aromas and flavors of orange, zest and spice. Light on the hops and booze, but big on the flavour! ($6.79 for a 650mL bottle)

Tofino Blonde ale: A straight and to the point blonde ale by this well-loved brewery. A mild beer with generous biscuity character, but crisp and clean with refreshing earthy hop notes.

Returning favourites!

The unique collaboration between Dieu du Ciel and Trou du Diable is back for the 3rd consecutive summer! La Divine Comedie is considered a white pilsner to some, and genre-less to others! Each brewery brews this recipe in their respective facilities and is an amazing example of what a difference brewing equipment and location can make for a beer! Both editions are in now and are not expected to last long!

A few months ago we were treated to a hoppy wheat ale from BC’s iconic Driftwood, but alas it didn’t last very long at all! Well as luck would have it, the devilishly tasty Entangled hopfenweisse is back! We had to snag up a few cases this week so it can hopefully last more than a week, but I personally wouldn’t take that bet.

One more note before I leave. If you happen to be in town for August, I’m hosting 2 well priced tastings in the shop. One dedicated entirely to Saisons on August 12, and one focusing on wild yeast (mostly sours!) on August 23 (just a couple spots left). Both of these tastings are just $20 each! Register online or call 403-283-8000.

Alright, that’s about all for this week. Stay tuned for growler updates and more of these sweet, sweet beers.


- Shawn

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