Scotch Malt Whisky Society May 2016 Outturn


The May 2016 Outturn was another smash hit at Kensington Wine Market. This month we launched 6 new whiskies and re-released a 7th which we felt didn’t quite get a fair showing in January. The re-release, 66.62: Classic Caesar Cocktail, a peated 16 year old Highlander, was very well received and one of the top sellers at the 4 Calgary tastings. At the time of writing we have just 7 bottles left! We also had a .1 bottling… the first ever Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottling from the closed distiller the Society has given the number G14 to. G14.1: East meets west was a hit, as were 1.179: In the artist’s studio and 29.174: Shetland ponies at the seaside. The other 3 showed well too, especially 121.88: Licking the wooden spoon, who’s distillery is becoming a Calgary member favourite!

  1. 46.29: Shaken, not stirred - 59.1% – 14 Year -Refill Hogshead – Speyside - Flavour profile: Young & spritely - Outturn: 272 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “Young Bond prepared the ingredients for his cocktail: bruised mint, Gomme syrup, pink peppercorn and aromatic cherry and violet. As he mixed his ingredients for this Old Fashioned together he scanned the scene, it was a bit of a mystery. A large arrangement of flowers was the first observation. A table set with a curious collection: hard mint candies, chocolate chip ice cream, raspberry jam cookies and salted limes. He sipped his cocktail and enjoyed its sprightly kick. The perfumed scent of some exotic beauty lingered. He investigated further finding cream soda, marshmallow and Andes chocolate mints. What did it all mean?” Drinking tip: “When you’re saving the world.” – $157.99
  2. 58.17: Not shaken, not stirred – 60.4% – 10 Year – Refill Barrel – Speyside - Flavour profile: Spicy & dry - Outturn: 201 bottles - Panel’s tasting note:  ”We all stepped into an old-fashioned candy shop; plenty of dust but the floor was recently spring cleaned with bleaching powder and chlorinated lime. When we left we strangely bought pancetta, prosciutto, freshly ground coffee and Amontillado Sherry. The taste neat was like an erupting volcano with the lava flowing into the sea and causing a sizzling hot spray – exhilarating! Water calmed the scene and fruity aromas of apples, pears, plums and grapes appeared out of nowhere with the refreshing sparkle of a white grape and raspberry juice on the palate and a perfect Martini in the finish.” Drinking tip: “In a moment of exhilaration.”$134.99
  3. 1.179: In the artist’s studio - 47.2% – 27 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside - Flavour profile: Sweet, fruity & mellow - Outturn: 201 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “The panel had a collective memory of an artist’s studio with aromas of wooden easels, paintbrushes, linseed and canvas. Our painter had arranged white lilies in a pewter jug. While he contemplated his subject he enjoyed a slice of toffee sponge cake and a cup of sweetened espresso. To taste they found figs, dates and fresh almonds, then chocolate brownie and coffee cake. Water released runny caramel, golden syrup and advent calendar chocolate. The texture was deliciously coating and salivating and one panel member was reminded of licking the bowl after baking. A hint of mint completed the masterpiece.” Drinking tip: “For inspiration.”- $232.99
  4. G14.1: East meets west – 47.8% – 28 Year – Refill Barrel – Closed Grain Distillery - Flavour profile: Spicy & sweet - Outturn: 163 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “Whilst pouring a sample we were all reminded of opening a bag of crispy fried and salted corn kernels, followed by sweet, fruity aromas of bananas, a jar of pear drops, candy sticks but at the same time crispy baked sweet potato fries. The taste neat started off very sweet; caramel glazed doughnuts and chocolate fudge ice cream but well balanced by a variety of Indian and Thai spices. With water it turned into an ‘Afghan Monkey’ (cocktail using Malibu, banana and melon liqueur, Blue Curacao, whipped cream and pineapple juice) and in the finish a dried fruit mix with sweet and spicy chili flakes.” Drinking tip: “Beware!  Dangerously drinkable!” – $214.99 – Only 4 left!
  5. 121.88: Licking the wooden spoon – 53.8% – 15 Year – Refill Hogshead – Highland Island - Flavour profile: Juicy, oak & vanilla - Outturn: 227 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “Enticing, inviting, warm, rich and like ‘walking barefoot on hot sand’ were the initial comments nosing neat. Descriptors given; hot crumpets with runny honey, waffles with golden syrup and buttered popcorn. The taste had the rich sweetness of a chocolate éclair sprinkled with nutmeg whilst in the finish, surprisingly dry. Water added aromas of wood and spice, a well-used wooden rolling pin as well as warm hot cross buns with a slightly waxy mouthfeel of a chamois leather cloth. The overall effect is now charming, innocent and very inviting –don’t we all like licking the wooden spoon after making cakes?” Drinking tip: “A quickie whenever the opportunity arises.” – $164.99
  6. 66.62: Classic Caesar Cocktail - 56.6% – 16 Year – Refill Sherry Gorda – Peated Highland - Flavour profile: Oily & coastal - Outturn: 615 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “The first whiff was just like striking a match and lighting a gas stove to cook pork tenderloin studded with garlic as well as salty strips of bacon. This was followed by sweet aromas of maple syrup, toasted bagels and barbecue baked sweet potatoes. The initial taste was like the ignition of the gas fire before maritime flavours of lobster shells, langoustines, mussels and oily mackerels emerged. Water released toasted marshmallows and toffee apples with a Caesar cocktail (a Bloody Mary with Clamato instead of tomato juice). We then all enjoyed a corn on the cob with salted butter and baked salmon croquettes.” Drinking tip: “Starting a barbecue on the beach.” – $168.99 !!!Re-Release!!!
  7. 29.179: Shetland ponies at the seaside – 56.7% – 20 Year – Refill Barrel – Islay - Flavour profile: Peated - Outturn: 186 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “Our four legged friends were trotting over mossy grass, their wee hooves kicking up the turf in divots. Over summer, their woollen blankets had been stored in a wooden chest, scented with camphor and lavender.  The adults barbecued prawns, Portuguese sardines and honey-glazed eggplant while snacking on wasabi fresh sushi and frittata. The ponies nuzzled into to the fire – smoke mingling in their hairy coats. Rain came, as predicted, and brought sweetness as the children guzzled candy floss, fudge and chalky rock candy. The afternoon ended with cooling mint and wet ash, the ponies happily munching handfuls of malt.” Drinking tip: “It will take you back to happy holidays.” – $209.99 – Only 5 left!

All available Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottlings, including past releases, can be browsed on the Kensington Wine Market’s SMWS pages at any time!

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