Introducing Duncan Taylor


Duncan Taylor is an independent bottler of Scotch whisky with a rich history and a bright future. The company was named Independent Bottler of the Year in 2009 by Whisky Magazine in their Icons of Whisky competition. The company is considered to have one of the largest collections of privately held whisky casks in the world. Originally founded in Glasgow in 1938, it was a merchant broker of casks. It eventually relocated to North East Scotland, near Huntley, when it shifted its focus from the brokerage business to bottling its own whisky. Today it is one of Scotland’s most respected independent bottlers, with a mind boggling range of whiskies. Kensington Wine Market has recently brought in seven Duncan Taylor expressions, 2 blends and 5 single malts:

  1. Duncan Taylor  Black Bull 12 Year - 50% Malt/50% Grain – 50% – Distillers Tasting Note: Nose: Robust, chunky aromas. Chocolate, toffee, sherry, vanilla and lemon sherbet. Palate: Smooth, mellow and rounded.  Milk chocolate, treacle toffee, pears, green apples and lots of sweet vanilla. Finish: Some heavier fruity notes emerge, and lots of creamy notes coming through. – $64.99 + GST
  2. Duncan Taylor  Black Bull40 Year Batch I – 90% Malt/10% Grain – 40.2% – Blends Origins Trace to 1860’s – My Tasting Note: Nose: elegant and fruity, floral creamy and perfumed ADD!!!
  3. Duncan Taylor Dimensions Mortlach 1995 – Cask 7287 – 51.3% – 643 Bottles – Distilled: 11/1995 – Bottled: 02/2012 – 16 Year – My Tasting Note: Nose: red berry fruits, treacle sauce, new leather shoes and mulled fruits; candy apple, and firm spices with black licorice; Palate: fruity and spicy with a honey base coating ripe red  apples, crisp pear and rhubarb crisp; the spices are drying and a little  prickly, with some leathery notes and dried fruits; Finish: bone dry and spicy with dried fruits and evapourating honey. - $116.99 + GST
  4. Duncan Taylor Dimensions Imperial  1995 – Cask 50054 – 53.1% – 283 Bottles – Distilled: 05/1995 – Bottled: 01/2012 – 16 Year – My Tasting Note: Nose: dusty and malty to start, it becomes more lush and floral with every whiff; barley sugar, sweet toasted oak and  white chocolate Hershey’s Kisses; soft fleshy fruit notes too, like peaches and dried apricots; Palate: very soft and sugary with more chewy barley, and sugary oak; the palate like the nose is quite floral and grassy with a surge of liquid honey and sweet spices: cinnamon hearts and candied ginger; light but oily/coating body; Finish: warming and more sweet/spicy oak, with the floral notes and white chocolate/honey fading last. - $113.49 +GST
  5. Duncan Taylor Dimensions Bunnahabhain  1988 – Cask 2358 – 53.5% – 225 Bottles – Distilled: 04/1988 – Bottled: 11/2011 – 23 Year – My Tasting Note: Nose: creamy and buttery, the whisky is plush and welcoming; there  are complimentary floral and American oak notes lending to a silky nose-feel; Palate: bolder than the nose lead me to believe it is heavy and round, with more floral notes: geranium and rose petals, as well as anise, fennel and some other sweet spices; the malt is still present after 23years as is a hoppyness which makes me think of proper IPAs; Finish: drying and sweet with more fennel and fading hops; Comment: this is the second Bunnahabhain I found these hop notes in, and it was a wildly different whisky. - $149.99 + GST
  6. Duncan Taylor Dimensions Blair Atholl 1989 – Cask 2927 – 50.5% – 295 Bottles – Distilled: 05/1989 – Bottled: 01/2012 – 22 Year – My Tasting Note: Nose: sawdust from a High School woodshop and honeycomb emerge first from the subtle nose; as it warms it becomes very cereal reminding me of Kellogg’s Vector and perhaps Quaker Harvest Crunch; dried apples show later; Palate: dry and oaky the  palate shows some dried fruits, especially apple, and some soft sweet spice for good measure; greener than I’d expect for a whisky of this age it is youthful with a touch of barley, but pleasantly so; Finish: clean, soft and smooth with more toasted oak and dried apple. – $146.49 + GST
  7. Duncan Taylor Octaves Glenrothes 1970 – Cask 495780 – 40.9% – 69 Bottles – Bottled in 2011 – 40 Year – My Tasting Note: Nose: chewy and leathery from the go, with some notes of melon and tropical fruits poking their heads out of the ground; fresh chocolate covered strawberries and other red fruits are to be found too; Palate: very fruity and soft, with a creamy long body that rolls right into the finish; the fruits are preserved (strawberry jam) and fresh (mangos), but restrained by the creamy oak which is never bitter, but very toffeed and sweet; the leather has softened to new ladies gloves; Finish: fresh, fruity, creamy and smooth with some spice and floral notes that emerge as the tidy of creamy oak recedes; Comment: needs to breathe… this is much better than the first time I tasted it; its oaky, but at 40 years that’s no surprise, the bitterness of my early sampling of it is gone! - $394.99 + GST

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