New beer arrivals – October 22, 2015

Shawn Young
October 22, 2015

Greetings fellow beer geeks!

I hope everyone is getting their fill of Pumpkin beers this wonderful autumn! I want to take this opportunity to fill everyone in on some of the latest beers that have arrived over the past couple of weeks. There are some pretty cool things on the shelf right now, along with some neat stuff yet to come! Here’s what’s already on the shelf.

Black Butte XXVII by Deschutes Brewing
Deschutes anniversary ale is done a little differently every year. This year it was made with apricot puree, cocoa nibs, pomegranate molasses, rose water and spices, also, half of the beer has been aged in bourbon barrels. These special releases (usually denoted with a wax seal) are meant to be put down in a cellar and drank at least one year after bottling to ensure all the components integrate and stabilize.($25.19 for a 650mL wax sealed bottle)

Crooked Coast Altbier by Driftwood Brewing
It’s always exciting to when a new Driftwood beer comes into the province, and this month we get two! The first is their Alt Bier. This old German style is malty with bready toffee like malts, and a light fruity yeast note. Probably the nicest example of this style in Canada! ($6.29 for a 650mL bottle)

Pilsner Doehnel by Driftwood Brewing
This is Driftwood’s first lager, and it’s named after the maltster whom they got the malt from. It’s a crisp, very dry northern German style with plenty of zesty citrus and floral aromas. Both citrus and floral notes lend themselves heavily to the palate as well, along with grainy bread and mild spices. ($6.59 for a 650mL bottle)

Mango Astronaut Ale by Rogue Brewing
The 5th in Rogue’s unique Voodoo doughnut series is this mango flavored craziness. The fruity, amber colored ale has tones of mango and other fleshy fruit on the nose, and as well on the palate. The beer has some sweetness to it, but less so than the Lemon chiffon they released previously to this. All in all not a bad beer, and likely one of the best of the series so far! ($17.19 for a 650mL bottle)

Orlison IPL
Orlison brewing specializes in lagered beers, and their IPL is their take on a big west coast style pale ale lager. They use 9 different hops, and when combined with the crisp lager style, turns into a north American hop powerhouse! ($20.29 for a 6-pack of cans)

Aside from all of that we have Rogue’s Pumpkin Patch ale back on the shelf, along with two limited edition saisons by Dageraad, and a smoked Dopplebock from De Molen!

Seriously, so much cool stuff. In the coming weeks, we’ll see Sierra Nevada finally hitting the province (what the heck took them so long?) some of the newest releases from Stone, and hopefully the wet hop beers from Deschutes!

That’s it for new beers, but before I go I want to remind everyone that the Craft Beer Advent Calendar is still available for purchase, and have been arriving in store over the past 2 weeks, and will continue for a few more to come, but most are already sold so don’t wait long! Until next week, feel free to stop by and ask what beers might go best with a bunch of Halloween candy and fake blood capsules.



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