New beers July 17, 2015

Shawn Young
Friday July 17, 2015

Greetings! I hope you all were able to avoid the $9 Buds at the Stampede this year! Luckily I dogged this bullet, though I also missed the Stampede altogether. Not such a big deal as it’s been a bit of a grey and moist week anyways right? It’s cold enough that I’ve been reaching for some of the darker beers like one of the few Prairie Bomb! I have stashed away (has anyone opened one lately? Drinking fantastically!). I’ve definitely been keeping myself warm with that and maybe a dram or two.

Anyway, there were a few new things to get excited about this week and a few at the end of my list that are particularly special to my heart. Read on!

Mellow Moon Pineapple Hefeweizen
Kelowna’s finest comes in with a refreshing fruit Hefeweizen that screams tropical citrusy goodness. The pineapple mingles oh so well with the banana esters and mild spice. Floral and citrusy hops let you know that this came from an north American brewery. ($14.69 for a 6 pack of bottles)

Go Big or go Homebrew by Toolshed Brewing
Local brew stars, Tool Shed, brew the recipe of a fellow brewing enthusiast and award winner, Chris Nowlan. This ESB is a malt wonderland with biscuity, caramel, profile and with noble hops backing it up; not overwhelming it at all. Great balance and very quaffable! ($18.49 for a 6pack of cans)

Hef Nelson by Wild Rose brewing
The second Hefeweizen to hit the shelves this week, and this time with a southern hemisphere kick! Calgary’s most mature craft brewers took this classic style and modernized it with Nelson Sauvin hops (originating from New Zealand!). Nelson’s white grape/wine and tropical fruit characteristics bring this style straight out of Germany and right into the tropics! ($9.09 for a 650mL bottle)

Horal Geuze Megablend 2015
I hope you are already initiated into the Brett brotherhood, but if you aren’t then I suggest you come and ask me which Lambic is right for you. Ok, so maybe I made that brotherhood thing up, but there really should be one right? Then again, I guess that’s kind of what Horal is. The High Council for Artisanal Lambik style beers is indeed such a brotherhood! They are a council of traditional lambic brewers who exist to protect and promote the brewing tradition. The megablend is put together with lambic from the members and by the members and released every 2 years. The 2015 edition is exceptional and is not expected to last very long. ($24.49 for a 750mL bottle)

Oude Geuze Vieille By Oud Beersel
If consumed right away this light, crisp and lightly funky geuze is a great introduction to the style. Though to be honest, it’s still on the young side and could stand a little time in a loving cellar…. YOUR loving cellar! If tasting notes including “funk, horse blanket, and sweat sock” sound great to you, then this bottle is a steal at the price! Even if those don’t sound appealing to you, doesn’t it at least make you curious enough to try it? I mean lambic is one of the most popular beer styles of this decade so there has to be something to it right? Right!?!? ($15.19 for a 750mL bottle)

Aside from being in lambic town, there are some awesome returning products that you should be aware of as some of them have been dearly missed. De Ranke’s Cuvee De Ranke sour ale/lambic blend is back, along with Sea Cider’s Flagship, Royal Jamaican Ginger beer, and LagunitasLittle Sumpin’ Wild.

All in all, not a bad week I’d say. I don’t want to drag this on too long, but in the next week or two we’re expecting a couple more of Stone’s special releases that I can assure you will be exciting! Stay tuned! Maybe see them all a little earlier on my twitter (@ShawnsBrewsCGY).


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