New beers July 8, 2015

Shawn Young
July 8, 2015
So, I know you may have missed me seeing and hearing from me as there wasn’t an update last week, but I was on my way out of town for a super awesome beer tasting in Vancouver with our in-house spirit expert, Hunter. We were invited to a BBQ/blind beer tasting in Vancouver by some fellow beer lovers, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to try some amazing brews with some great people! Of course, being in Vancouver I had to take that opportunity to check out some of the local breweries and this included: Brassneck, Strange Fellows, Four Winds, Yellowdog, Steel and Oak, as well as some other favorite nosh spots: L’abattoire for some of the best veal sweetbreads I’ve ever had, the Pourhouse for -hands down- the best cocktails and  best lounge experience ever! This was quite the west boast beer vacation; drop by and ask me about the details and my pics!
Good excuse right?! To make up for it, I made a nice long post here… however that means there is a bunch of reading, but it’s all good, I promise!

Last week’s arrivals are as follows:

This mildly sour, funky saison has a moderate but pronounced fruit character from the added apricots. Along with straw like character and a light to medium body, this is an exceptionally quenching and super refreshing saison from one of Vancouver’s finest. ($5.79 for a 650mL bottle)

Eye Be Use IIPA from Spiderbite Brewing.
About as west coast IIPA-y as you can get, with huge grapefruit/orange zest in these huge aromatics. Not-quite-full body with a lively carbonation and generous caramelized sugars. ($13.19 for a 650mL bottle)

Like a lot of fruit sours, the fruit (peach) is definitely a defining characteristic on both the nose and the palate here. Lightly sour, and a bit of sweetness round out the fruit wonderfully, and all of it is accented with the oak of the wine barrel.  Our first sour from this Idaho brewery, and definitely worth trying, and possibly aging for just a wee bit of time! ($9.59 for a 650mL bottle)

Big Sky had to rename and re-label this just to bring it into Canada (because of legal conflicts with a brewery with a similar product name). Toasted grain and roasted nut aromas. Huge deep caramel and dense roasty malts, along with a hint of smoke make the palate on this truly special. ($3.69 for a 350mL bottle)

Denison’s true to style German Weissbier is a fantastic Canadian take on one of the most recognizable beer styles in the world. Huge carbonation, large head, citrus and banana, and just so much wheaty character. This one specifically is an absolute steal as well! ($2.49 for a 500mL tall can).

A light, crisp pale ale with good citrus and pine aromas that make way for a mild and light bodied ale with bready maltiness and a light hoppy finish. Yet another tall can of easily drinkable beer of which you can have 2… or 3! ($2.89 for a 500mL can)
We also happened to receive some of those Oude Beersel beers I’ve been talking about for a bit now! Their Bzart Kriekenlambiek and Lambiek are produced in the “méthode traditionnelle”, which is the same method that champagne is produced. It’s traditional lambic is aged for 13 “moons” in their own caves, and then carbonated with the méthode traditionnelle for another 13 moon for a total of 24 months. It is the only “sparkling lambic” produced to date, and was only brewed for a short time. This perfect combination of sparkling wine and beer won’t last too long and is definitely as necessary as a vintage champagne in a cellar! Their Bersalis oak aged tripel also arrived that gives an amazing example of what a lambic producer can do with a classic Belgian style and some barrels (and is also somewhat rare I might add!). (Kriek: $45.49, Lambiek: $44.39, bersalis: $27.99 each for a 750mL bottle)

Ok, now as for THIS week:

Two of Quebec’s.. no… Canada’s favorite breweries(Dieu du Ciel and Trou du Diable) have collaborated on a wheat ale that was then made by both brewers independently, thus showing how something as simple as region and water might show subtle differences in a beer! (We should see Trou du Diable’s offering in the coming weeks!) Fruity, spicy and floral with a touch of banana, but generous wheatiness. This came in very limited quantities. ($11.59 for a 4-pack of bottles)

An interesting, complex ale with a wonderful maltiness, caramel and roasty, and a light hoppy bitterness. A wonderful new arrival from an old Quebec friend.

Aside from beers, we also had 3 farmhouse style ciders from New York come into the shop! Cider Creek ciders are European style ciders with a dry, bottle condition feel. We received their classic cider along with their “Saison” style cider, and their Apricot is an incredibly unique apricot-imbued cider dry hopped with Cascade hops! ($12.59 for the cider and Saison, and $13.79 for the cascade apricot)

Phew… This was such a mouthful (My tired hands…) I am now exhausted, but I have to mention that this year’s summer beer fest is coming up on July 16th (next Thursday!) and we would love to see you all there! We’ll be pouring a lot of really great things with some great food, and it’s only $30! Definitely an event that a beer lover shouldn’t miss.
One more interesting return is the Eclipse Barrel aged stout from Fifty/Fifty brewing! Oh man… somehow there was a little left from the end of last year, and this is one more chance to grab a bottle of one of the best stouts ages in oh I don’t know, Four Roses barrels, High West Barrels, Elija Craig barrels, or even Woodford reserve barrels! Come check out that we’ve got now!

So there they all are, and  I must end this here as this has been a real blockbuster of a couple of weeks, but of course I’ll see you all in the shop this week right? See you soon!
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