Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada July 2015 Outturn

The warm weather and Stampede Spirit did not deter our members from this month’s release of six single cask, cask strength, Scotch whiskies. Anyone who’s attended one of these tastings knows, we always pour 7, so we introduced another single malt featured at the Kensington Wine Market Spring Single Malt Festival to round out the lineup. Here is the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s July Outturn:

  1. 123.10: Sweet treats on deck – 57.6% – 9 Year – First Fill Barrel – Highlands -Flavour Profile: Sweet treats on deck – Outturn: 238 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The panel were whisked into a flurry of fresh linen on board a freshly varnished yacht. They found sliced pear with angelica, vanilla ice cream and wafers. The taste delivered flavours of continental bakeries heavy with butter icing, French fancies, amaretto biscotti, iced gems, butterscotch and honey. Water released elderflower cordial, lemon and lime jelly sweets while reclining on warm, newly polished decking with elements of burlap rope. It had a fizzy quality that reminded the panel of champagne tea with bread and butter pudding, chocolate truffles. Kick back and relax!” Drinking Tip:  ”A good holiday dram” - $119.99
  2. 35.114: A Southern gentleman – 58.9% – 19 Year – First Fill Toasted Oak Hogshead – Speyside - Flavour Profile: Spicy & sweet - Outturn: 241 bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Mild nosefeel and quite closed to start, then presents ‘a box of After Eight mints’ with a shake of white pepper. Soon there is a scent of Rye whiskey – coconut oil and linseed oil: oak lactones (for those who know!). The taste at full strength mirrors this: smooth, oaky, sweet and spicy in the finish – “bourbonesque’. It drinks well straight. Water advances the coconut theme – macaroons, toasted coconut, even Bounty Bar, but still with linseed oil and peppery wood spices. Soft and sweet and easy to drink; toasted marshmallows, warming syrup sponge. Much influenced by the American oak cask, but elegant: a southern gentleman in a white suit – and the initial mintiness even recalls mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby!” Drinking Tip: “At sunrise, in paradise” – $188.99
  3. 121.74: A box of chocolates – 55.7% – 14 Year – Refill Hogshead – Highland Island - Flavour Profile: Juicy, oak & vanilla -Outturn: 315 bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Sweet caramel on the nose – Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers to be exact – then Newberry Fruits (sugar-covered fruit jellies with runny centres), then a host of other fruity scents – mango, light orange, raspberry, apricot. The first taste matches some of this – ‘mango cream fondant chocolate’; ‘Thornton’s Summer Fruit Chocolates’ – but there is also a tropical spiciness like mango chutney with a dash of chili. With water the nose folds into emulsion paint for a moment before resuming the fruity/chocolate theme – Maltesers, Bakewell tart, croissant with strawberry jam, white chocolate. The taste? Sweet and fruity (Gallia melon), with light spice and peppermint Aero in the finish.” - Drinking Tip: “After school” - $154.99
  4. 37.54: A contradictory dram – 54.2% – 27 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside - Flavour Profile: Sweet, fruity & mellow - Outturn:215 bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “This example of the Speyside representative in the Classic Malts is lightly oily on the nose (one suggested geranium oil), with saddle soap and leather polish, pineapple cubes, green bananas, brown apples, Cape gooseberries and a faint mintiness, like mouthwash. The taste at full strength is of thick honey and stewed apples. Remains pleasantly oily with water; fruity-fresh balanced by heavier, waxy notes. A satisfyingly thick mouthfeel and a sweet taste over all, with a faint sour note and a trace of ‘salty honey’. An excellent example of the make from this distillery.” - Drinking Tip: In a library of leather-bound books. – $204.99
  5. G3.6: Fascinating reminder a bygone era – 53.2% – 33 Year – Refill Hogshead – Grain - Flavour Profile: Old & dignified - Outturn:197 bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Everyone in the Panel relaxed and felt very comfortable with nosing this rare sample from the now closed Edinburgh distillery built in 1855. Very deep wood and new leather aromas are all very well integrated; smoked aromatic wood, polished wood but also freshly cut wood and sawdust. There is an underlying sweetness best described as breakfast waffles with vanilla ice cream. The taste surprises with a sweet smoke and a volcanic ashyness to start, then very smooth, floral and sweet; chocolate honeycomb, muscovado sugar and Black Jacks. With water the aroma becomes slightly chalky and soapy and the taste ashy, fruity (apples and watermelons) and a Starburst candy sweetness.” - Drinking tip: “Best enjoyed without adding water” - $209.99
  6. 3.227: Tasty farmhouse cooking – 56.4% – 16 Year – Refill Butt – Islay - Flavour profile: Lightly peated - Outturn: 591 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “The room was immediately filled with the warm and rich smells of a beef consommé with a good splash of aged Sherry added. This we then poured over an old fashioned rabbit casserole with rosemary, celery and roasted carrots and let it simmer on a wood burning stove. The taste is good farmhouse cooking, intense flavours of fresh tomato soup as well as honey roasted sweet potatoes prepared with ginger, cumin and coriander. With water a sweet earthy note is added reminding some of us of compost using pine sawdust and pine needles or of peat stacks out to dry. The taste now welcoming and juicy like a tender pork stew with light herb dumplings.” - Drinking tip: “Whilst cooking for or with friends” - $168.99
  7. 29.144: You gotta love this one – 51.2% – 27 Year – Refill Hogsead – Islay - Flavour profile: Peated - Outturn: 275 bottles - Panel’s tasting note: “The smell made us all smile and for some there were memories of a warm sunny autumn afternoon day – peat smoke emerging from the pagoda and a fresh salty/briny breeze – standing on the pier at the distillery by ‘the beautiful hollow by the broad bay’. Freshly opened oysters, crispy seaweed and tempura prawns with a sweet chili sauce complete the kaleidoscope of aromas. Very restrained on the palate; salty and sweet popcorn, beach barbecue with langoustines and scallops as well as crispy aromatic duck. Adding water it becomes like a comfort blanket or a long soak in the bath. Sweeter and juicy to taste like a tropical fruit salad and in the finish clean peat smoke.” - Drinking tip: “If in need of a comfort blanket” – $196.99

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