New beers June 19, 2015

Shawn Michael Young
Friday June 19, 2015

Our yearly sour madness has come and gone! The Cantillon arrived, barely hit the shelves, and left. I say “barely” because even after all of the pre-orders, a couple of bottles of the Grand Cru Bruocsella did end up on the shelf and lasted, somehow, through the weekend! Alas they are all gone now and we will all have to wait patiently until next year for our fill. I mentioned last week that the Oude Beersel Lambics are on their way, and on top of that, the latest release of Tilquin’s gueuze and the Quetsche gueuse with plumbs. This year 2 different bottlings with 2 different kinds of plumbs are expected. Look for them on our shelves in a month or so. Good news is there will be no shortage of sours come July!

June/July being prime BBQ season I also have to shamelessly plug our smoked beer selection. What could pair better with saucy, spicy, charred BBQ than a smoked beer? We currently have 4 different varieties in stock, including 2 from Germany (with one more expected soon). Here’s the lineup:  1 from Norway, and 2 of the last cases of Smoke Boss, Calgary’s own Dandy brewing’s brilliant Rauchbier. It’s a match made in heaven and you really need to try it this summer!

I could go on and on as I love talking beer, but I have to leave some things for next week and the weeks after, so here are the new goodies received this week!

Jack Hammer IPA from Brewdog brewing.
A new one from our Scottish friends gives us our bitter just desserts and then some! The IBU’s on this monster are calculated at over 200 (so theoretical IBU’s) and I must say it takes a spot in my top 5 most intensely bitter beers. Wonderfully huge grapefruit and a ton of spice and pine resin precede the bitterness and accompany the medium bodied malt and generous caramel flavors.  ($4.39 for a 330mL bottle)

Big Wave Golden Ale by Kona brewing.
If Kona’s fire rock is a little too bitter for you, then try their crushable, tropical golden ale on for size! One of their best selling beers is finally available in good ol’ land-locked Alberta and it seems to be selling out everywhere! Their secret tropical hop blend brightens a light malty backbone, putting this high on a list of things to be stranded with on a desert island.($19.79 for a 6-pack of bottles)Lemon

Hefeweizen by Alley Kat brewing.
Edmonton’s finest brings you a summer quencher with this unfiltered wheat ale. A classic euro style complete with aromas of banana and clove. The kicker (or maybe quencher?) is a zesty lemon zing. They recommend you have a lemon wedge in it, and I promise not to judge you if you do.($6.49 for a 650mL bottle)

Sweet Heat Chilli Wheat by Burnside brewing.
Fleshy fruits and soft wheat flavors are sure to be a relief to the mind when tasting this odd sounding brew. It’s not all fruit and wheat though, as the heat starts tickling your tongue and those sneaky scotch bonnet peppers let you know they had a rather large role in creating this very American wheat beer. The heat varies from batch to batch, but it’s definitely noticeable, but rarely is overwhelming. ($9.19 for a 650mL bottle)

A few things returning to the shop is always a welcome sight. This week’s returning favorites include: Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA, Laughing Dog’s Rocket Dog RyePA, Ommegang’s Three Philosophers (If you haven’t had this yet then make sure to come in and ask about it!) and finally Hitachino’s New Year’s Celebration Ale and, finally Brooklyn brewing back! Only a few items have made their way back so far, but we will be seeing more soon, and hopefully some of their best offerings are to come!

If all the fresh IPAs that arrived last week don’t satisfy you, then swing by the shop next Wednesday when we are expecting Stone’s latest “Enjoy By” IPA. This one expires on July 4th and I don’t mean to brag but we’ve never had a single bottle of this series on the shelf passed it’s “enjoy by” date, so make sure to come get some!

I’ve mentioned it before, but don’t forget to register for the Canada Day Quebecois beer tasting  Tuesday June 30th at 8:00pm. One of the importers has provided us with glasses from one of our favorite Quebec breweries and every attendee with receive one! On a slightly different note, if anyone happens to be a whiskey fan, I will also be hosting a Canadian Whiskey tasting on Thursday June 25th 7:00pm and as I write, there are only 7 tickets left. Both tastings are a deal at 35$!

That’s all for now, cheers!


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