The Ultimate Dalmore Tasting

I’m not sure if any of you are aware, but Dalmore distillery has launched an unprecedented collection of malts this year. They are called the Constellations, and the 21 vintage bottles which have been released, ranging from 19 to 46 years of age, have been priced at never before seen levels for whiskies of comparable ages. The 19 year old, a 1992 vintage is starting out at CDN$3,300.00 and the 46 year old is topping out the list at CDN$33,000.00. This is as bold statement being made by Whyte & MacKay and either an overreach on their part or a bold wager on where the market for premium and older whiskies is going. That release also serves to highlight the far more reasonable price which we are charging for an epic range of Dalmores, launched before this most recent surge in price for older whiskies.


On Thursday June 15th, at 7PM, the Kensington Wine Market will be hosting The Ultimate Dalmore Tasting, a vertical of 8 different Dalmore expressions. Starting off with the new Cigar Malt Reserve and the Dalmore Castle Leod, we will then sample 3 vintages (1979, 1978 and 1974) before getting on to the older expressions. We will be comparing two different 40 year olds, the Dalmore Astrum 40 Year and the original Dalmore 40 Year before wrapping up with the Dalmore Aurora 45 Year. This epic Dalmore vertical tasting is one we will never be able to repeat and if the pricing of the new Constellation Collection holds this could be the last tasting of older Dalmores we ever have. The price to attend the tasting is $175, a very reasonable sum when you consider the actual cost of this tasting is closer to $500. Thanks to the support of TheDalmore and their Canadian distributors Authentic Wine & Spirits Merchants, and some budget at KWM we have been able to more than halve the cost of the event. You can register by phone 403-283-8000 (or toll free 888-283-9004), on the web and in store!

More in formation on the Dalmore bottlings being featured at the Ultimate Dalmore Tasting:

Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve More heavily sherried than the old Cigar Malt, older and bottled at a beefier 44%. This Dalmore has been matured mostly in bespoke Matusalem Sherry Butts. 92pts Gavin Smith, Malt Advocate: “Back due to popular demand in the U.S., this new incarnation of the Cigar Malt sees the percentage of ex-oloroso ‘Matusalem’ sherry wood ramped up from 60 to 70 percent. Pass the Partagas! Spicy Christmas cake with rich sherry notes on the nose. Fragrant, with figs, cinnamon, ripe oranges, and glacé cherries. Robust sweet toffee and mango flavors, with oloroso sherry, vanilla, and lively spices. Medium to long in the finish, with ginger, treacle, and licorice.” – $116.99 + GST

Dalmore Castle Leod The second bottling in a trilogy highlighting Dalmore’s connection to the MacKenzie clan. Matured in both American and European oak it was finished in Chateau Lafite Premiere Cru Bordeau casks. Exclusive to Kensington Wine Market in Alberta it is bottled at 46% and is unchillfiltered. – $183.99 + GST

Dalmore 1979 This vintage bottling was matured in American Oak before finishing for years in Gonzalez Byas Matusalem sherry casks. This slightly younger 1979 bottling is approximately 1/12th the cost of its new Constellations Collection compatriot! - $661.99 + GST

Dalmore 1978 A great vintage, if for no other reason than its the year I came into the world. That interesting fact aside, this is a really interesting Dalmore, and one of the most cherry heavy whiskies I’ve ever had. The nose was bigtime Halls Cherry and the palate showed both candied and dried cherries. This 1978 vintage release from The Dalmore spent 29 years in American white oak before being transferred into Gonzales Byass ex-Sherry casks for two years of additional maturation. The out-turn is 477 bottles. The new Constellations `1978 is 13x the price! - $769.49 + GST

Dalmore 1974 This is a vintage which has been around for a few years, and which is also know as the Matusalem Sherry Finesse. The malt’s early years were spent in Apostoles Palo Cortado casks, before polishing for the last five years in Matusalem Oloroso sherry butts. 1/5th the price of the Constellations release, though it must be added quite a few years younger too! – $1655.49

Dalmore 40 Year “By far the softest and gentlest of the range, and oh so drinkable. Hard to believe that this whisky is 40 years old, actually, as it shows no sign of excessive oak. Instead, there are soothing layers of caramel and toffee as the whisky’s foundation. Add orange marmalade and other juicy citrus fruits, cinnamon spice, graham cracker, and lightly toasted almond. A gentle, subtly sophisticated Dalmore, and an interesting comparison to the much different, more visceral 50 year old. If I were a rich man, I could drink this whisky every day — it’s so easy-going.” 93pts John Hansel Whisky Advocate - $2800.00 ish…

Dalmore Astrum 40 Year Only 500 bottles of this 1966 vintage have been released at 42% after maturing nearly four decade in American oak and finishing for 18 months in Gonzalez Byass Matusalem Sherry Casks. Astrum is Latin for constellation. Distiller’s Tasting Note: “The shimmering dark golden colour of Astrum is instantly alluring. Its exquisite nose is provocative and pleasing and its flavours enchant and sparkle with an orchestrated display of brilliance. Nuances of honeyed pear, banana and passion fruit stimulate the senses, while unfettered pleasure is drawn from evocative bursts of blood oranges, fleshy peaches, figs and roasted Columbian coffee. Clusters of Black Forest fruits, crushed apples, spicy cinnamon and bitter chocolate crown this heavenly creation.” This 40 year old Dalmore is a steal compared to the old 40 year old ($2800ish) and the new Constellation 1971 at almost $22,000.00 (12 times as much). Your last chance at a 40 year old Dalmore for under $10,000.00?! - $1886.99 + GST

Dalmore Aurora 45 Year Only 200 bottles released from this 1964 bottling from an Oloroso sherry cask and bottled at 45%. The inspiration for this bottling is said to be the Aurora Borealis. Richard Patterson’s Tasting Note: “”A dynamic fusion of aromas of blood oranges, crushed apples and pear, and hints of Bulgarian roses, jasmine and coriander. A heart of ripe mandarins, kumquats and pineapple is intertwined with highlights of Madagascan vanilla, creamy caramel and darkest Swiss chocolate.” The new Constellations Collection bottling at this age is very nearly 8 times the price. - $3587.99 + GST

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