New beers May 27, 2015

May always seems to be a busy month for us at Kensington Wine Market. Our 23rd birthday was last week and boy was it busy! Our Spring Wine Fest and our birthday sale weekend kept us running around all week! The reward though, was an incredibly fun week of celebration and tasting some of our best exclusive wines! But this post isn’t about wines! Oh no, it’s about one thing and one thing only, beer!

Before I get to this week’s new beers, I wanted to mention a neat promotion we’ve got going on. You may know of To 0L brewing (former students of the infamous Mikkeller), well we’ve come across some of their branded glasses and we want to share them! Come on in and purchase 3 To 0L beers and one of these glasses is yours for free! On the note of glasses, we’ll have another offering like this one very soon from a well known Scandinavian brewer!

Enough of that though, here are all the new and tasty things** you’ll see when you come in this weekend.

**Disclaimer: Kensington Wine Market and Shawn Young are not responsible for computer damage due to drooling as a result of reading these descriptions.

Finest Kind IPA by Smuttynose brewing.
Smuttynose is one of the newest breweries to arrive in Alberta, and one of only a few from America’s east coast. They made this IPA as a tribute to the classic beer style of the same name. Plenty of lemon and grapefruit come across on the nose, with sappy pine, citrus oil and apricot flavors.    ($21.29 for a 6-pack of bottles)

Old Brown Dog Ale by Smuttynose brewing.
This American brown ale boasts a silver medal win back when it was first brewed. Toasty caramel malt, and brown bread, cocoa and mild hop notes come through in this medium bodied comforting brown ale.($21.29 for a 6-pack of bottles)

Apteryx IPA by Phillips brewing.
A southern hemisphere inspired IPA if there ever was one! Plenty of New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin hops provide lots of tropical fruit notes along with lychee and off dry white wine. The malt carries the flavors though with biscuit tones and finishes off with a bitterness that is a mix of hops and tannin.   ($7.19 for a 650mL bottle)

Farm Hand Saison by Driftwood brewing.
Every time a new Driftwood beer comes into the province, an angel gets it’s wings. Wait… I think that’s a different story. It’s a little less “an angel gets it’s wings” and a little more “Shawn gets super giddy”. Farm Hand Saison is a crisp, dry Saison perfect for those long days working in the field. Fruity Belgian esters lead into straw-like flavors and a sweetness reminiscent of raw malt. All at a price that makes you feel good about having more than one!  ($6.29 for a 650mL bottle)

Summer Wheat Ale by Anchor brewing.
This is an American filtered wheat ale from San Francisco’s oldest breweries. You’ll encounter a soft and protein rich body with malted wheat notes. Very little hop presence but the malt is only mildly sweet, making this beer very well balanced and refreshing.  ($7.39 for a 6-pack of cans)

All these, along with a few returning favorites. Our favorite American wheat ale Jerkface 9000 by Parallel 49 is back after a small absence, it also was given a spot in the brewery’s main lineup, so it’ll be here all year around! We also got a small amount of a fresh batch of Fat Tug by Driftwood brewing, along with New Belgium‘s super thirst quenching Snapshot wheat ale (this also happens to be one of my absolute  favorite Wits)! Norway’s own HaanBryggeriet has shown up on our shelves again in the form of their smoked beer Norwegian Wood which, along with Aecht Schlenkerla‘s smoked Marzen and Urbock, gives us all the smoked beers we need for BBQ season!

One last interesting arrival is the barrel aged Russian imperial stout from McAuslan brewery (St. Ambroise to some). The cool part is that it’s the 2012 vintage! Being a yearly release I was recently able to taste a vertical of vintages from 2012 to 2014, and the 2012 was by far the best of the three! If you’ve not had much experience with the uncertain practice of aging beers, this is a neat chance to try one that was aged for you!


So there you have the latest and greatest for this week. Don’t forget to check out our upcoming tastings including the Quebec beer tasting for Canada day and our summer beer festival! Until next week, lift a pint or two and cheers!


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