Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada – May 2015 Outturn

May’s Scotch Malt Whisky Society releases in Canada were sampled at three sold out tastings at KWM. There is something interesting every month, and the malts never disappoint. Highlights this month included a 27 year old Mortlach, a very creamy Highland Park and a very pleasant Coastal Laphroaig.

Here are May 2015′s Scotch Malt Whisky Society Outturn whiskies:

  1. 76.118: We ♥ Whisky! – 49.5% – 27 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside – Profile: “Sweet, fruity & mellow” – Outturn: 203 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “This reminded the panel of delicious buttery toast with slabs of marmalade and raspberry jam. Mint toffee and a lively lemon sherbet took time before more creamy rhubarb and custard took over. It made all participants a little dreamy, we all felt relaxed as if we’d been on a tropical holiday. Water opened more waxy apple, greengage and lemon hanging from the tree. The sweet, earthy orchard carpet was laden with pine needles. It became extremely juicy and the panel were in no rush. Roasted sweet potato sprinkled with white pepper and macadamia nut concluded this enjoyable journey.” Drinking tip: “Stop the clocks”- $246.99
  2. 121.76: Close shave from a tipsy barber - 57.95 – 12 Year – Refill Barrel – Island/Arran – Profile: “Spicy & dry” – Outturn: 210 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The initial nose spoke of the barbershop – old leather chairs, razor-strops, sharp blades, after-shave and band-aids (the barber, who’d been drinking gin, had shaky hands) – plus beeswax polish and dried flowers. With water, we got hot linen and laundry detergent (hot cloth slapped on your close shave) but also marzipan, Dr Pepper, caramel, digestive biscuits and bath bombs. The neat palate was herbal (fennel seed, absinthe) but complex and very tasty – chocolate fudge cake, popping candy and ‘liquorice allsorts from an engineer’s overall pocket’. In reduction – tree bark, chalk, Chartreuse (herbal again) interesting citric fizz and some ash – satisfyingly unusual.” Drinking tip:  ”After any close shave, or when looking for something unusual” - $139.99
  3. 55.23: Chow mein on a workbench – 55.1% – 20 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside – Profile: “Spicy & sweet” – Outturn: 248 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Panel’s tasting note: “Despite cut grass, herbal notes, citrus, pineapple and watermelon, we could not describe the nose as clean – an almost grubby fascination kept drawing us back – we found toasted oak and pistachios, nutmeg, ghee, an engineer’s workbench, burnt eucalyptus and chow mein noodles. The palate was concentrated and intense (‘an espresso of a dram’) fizzy, mouth-watering and impressively textured – with hits of anise and fennel seeds, plus oily, nutty, peppery elements; sweetness appeared as liquorice allsorts, white chocolate and agave syrup (especially with water) but savoury undertones, even salty, seaside suggestions and medicinal intimations made it a slightly challenging but satisfying experience.” Drinking tip: “Whether you have been renovating an old motorcycle or performing brain surgery – job well done and you deserve a dram of this.”
    - $199.99
  4. 123.9: The big, fat tipsy wedding – 56.6% – 16 Year – 1st Fill Sherry Butt – Highland – Profile: “Deep, rich & dried fruits” – Outturn: 608 Bottles -Panel’s Tasting Note: “Panel’s tasting note: “Imagine a feasting table set with sweet mashed potato with butter, rye bread with beef dripping, figs and balsamic and hoppy IPA to wash it down. Desserts of chocolate and ginger, spiced treacle tart and sticky toffee pudding served with lashings of Turkish espresso. To taste, a knuckle of lamb with a wine jus, pork crackling and beef soppet (cooked juices), then curiously Bonjela and cola cube candies. Water reminded the panel of Bovril broth and roasted pumpkin. A bathroom cupboard with talcum powder, violet fresh towels and shaving foam on the nose and walnuts and Jaffa cakes on the final taste.” Drinking tip: “Better neat; just get on with it!” - $168.99
  5. 4.199: Boy scouts and bikers – 56.2% – 14 Year - 1st Fill Barrel - Island/Orkney – Profile: “Lightly peated” Outturn: 148 Bottles –  Panel’s Tasting Note: “Panel’s tasting note: “Pata Negra jamon to start – Spanish prosciutto – then a perfumed scent (rose, dried rosemary?), with a hint of white wine and a pack of cigarettes; then ‘coastal’ and ‘garden party’ (What?! ‘cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches on a damp day’!). Water brings up its more usual characteristics of hemp ropes, leather bikers’ jackets (‘Triumph, not Harley’), and barbecue (‘char-grilled eggplant with rosemary’). The taste is sweet and ‘old-fashioned’ at natural strength, with guy ropes (lightly tarred), tobacco and bruschetta; water sweetens the taste, holds the hemp and lingers pleasantly in an old-fashioned way.” Drinking tip: “For the hip-flask at a wedding.” - $153.99
  6. 66.57: Asian delight - 59.1% – 9 Year – Refill Barrel – Highland – Profile: “Oily & coastal” – Outturn: 214 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Panel’s tasting note: “Some of us were transported to a Scottish beach – a salty sea breeze, tarry ropes and pork sizzling on a barbecue. Others went further afield, to Malaysia with chicken satay infused with a punchy spicy marinade being grilled and served with a peanut coconut dipping sauce. The taste neat is big, hot, salty and ashy – it almost burns your tongue, like a Phall curry. A drop of water and the aroma turns into burnt heather and a charcoal grill being doused with sea water next to a salmon smokehouse. The taste was sweet, fresh and salty; smoked oysters and glazed ham with pineapple.” Drinking tip: “Star-gazing at a beach barbecue.” - $125.99
  7. 29.142: Rock pooling and beach bbq - 58.6% – 18 Year – Refill Barrel – Islay – Profile: “Heavily peated” - Outturn:160 bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “It is a warm sunny afternoon on the beach and we are rock pooling, exploring diverse marine life; starfish, anemones, crabs, limpets, small fish and seaweed – exposing a possible meal every low tide. Talking of a meal there are also aromas of lamb chops sizzling on a barbecue with a hint of rosemary and the freshness of mint sauce. The taste is ashy to start, oak smoked mackerel, cold smoked salmon and the sweetness of honey glazed ham. With water turning into sweet cured herring with a dill sauce and gravlax with a honey mustard marinade. The taste is now hickory sweet smoked fish, beer battered calamari and roasted marshmallows over an open fire – hungry yet?” Drinking tip: “Take a hint from the title” – $163.99

In addition to the above new releases, there also a large number of past releases available. You can always browse past release on our site’s SMWS Pages!

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