New beers April 29, 2015

Look at all these Hawaiian beers! We’ve been having such an amazing spring in Alberta that I couldn’t leave it another week before bringing in some of these tropical goodies! Things sure are ramping up for summer, and as this happens you better believe you’ll be seeing more and more IPAs, Pale ales, and of course the quintessential ISA and sours. Of course darker beers have their place during any season!

Before I get into this week’s beers, I would like to say one thing. Barbecue! The season is more or less here, but what are the absolute best beers to have with that saucy pulled meat? Come find out at our Holy Smoke and beer tasting on May 12 where we’ll order in a bunch of barbecue from Calgary’s Holy Smoke grill and open some of our best beers to pair with it! It’s only $35 so there’s no way you can go wrong. The only way that could get better is if there was bourbon involved… but that’s a different tasting entirely!
Call 403 283 8000 to register or online

Now make sure you are standing on something that can soak up all the drool, because this is truly a mouthwatering batch of new beers that arrived.

Big Swell IPA from Maui brewing.
This fruity and resinous IPA is sure to quench the thirst in any climate, be it our unusually warm spring, or Hawaii’s sweaty tropical nights. Loads of grapefruit and floral notes lift up the medium weight malt and balance the sweetness, with a nice crisp bitterness throughout the finish. $17.49 for a 6-pack of cans.

Lorenzini DIPA from Maui Brewing.
This is a special release for the winter of 2015. It was made in collaboration with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, and part of the proceeds go to their shark research lab. It’s brewed with blood orange, local citrus and local cane sugar, along with an exotic hop blend that includes Azacca, El Dorado, and Sorachi Ace. Loads of fresh citrus flavors and aromas are all over this, and you can definitely pick out the blood orange. Mild spice notes accompany things until it’s all washed away in a lasting tide pool of mildly bitter citrus oil. $15.29 for a 4-pack of cans.

Fire Rock Pale Ale from Kona brewing.
A regular offering from “the big island” is selectively crafted with specially roasted malts, and -like any good American pale- plenty of north American hops. Mildly toasted, and biscuity malt are reminiscent to a light amber, but the body is light and crisp, and the citrusy hops let you know exactly the style they are going for. $20.39 for a 6-pack of bottles.

Castaway IPA from Kona Brewing.
This relatively new offering from Kona is like a tropical vacation in a bottle. Mango and Passion fruit notes accompany the huge citrus punch of this IPA. Along with that, there are definite aromas of a particular green recreational plant. This isn’t too surprising seeing as both hops and cannabis belong to the same family (the family Cannabaceae for those more science minded). Medium bodied with just enough crispness to reflect its tropical origins! $20.39 for a 6-pack of bottles.

Aftermath Pale Ale from Black Market brewing.
Incredible piney and sappy nose and complex hop aromas on this beer, unlike any I’ve smelled! Combined with a mild but sweet malt backbone, this makes for a very north American style, and brings to mind camping in the mountains among all the evergreen trees. $8.59 for a 650mL bottle.

Blackhand Chocolate Milk Stout from Speakeasy brewing.
As rich and delicious as a cold glass of chocolate milk was to a younger you… only don’t blow bubbles in this one because the outcome would be less fun. This mildly roasty stout is made with Ghanian cocao nibs roasted to perfection, and combined with an expertly selected blend of chocolate and roasted malts. The end result it a beautifully creamy stout with generous chocolate and light roasty coffee notes. $11.49 for a 650mL bottle.

Aside from all of the brand new beers, we’ve also brought in a couple different ones for Cinco de Mayo!

Chupacabras from Cucapa brewing.
An English style pale ale, this amber colored thirst quencher had wonderful toasted nut and caramel character, combined with a healthy hop bitterness. This will make you think twice about what you may say about Mexican beers. $13.99 for a 4-pack of bottles.

Immortal Beloved Hefeweizen by Day of the Dead brewing.
Wonderfully spicy volatiles on the nose of this Mexican hefeweizen, along with generous banana esters and low IBUs. The caramel malt gives the sturdy body needed to hold up the tasty fruit notes. $20.49 for a 6-pack of bottles.

Now for a little fun news for the summer:

Summer Beer Festival $30
IPAs, Lagers, Wheat Beers and Lambics oh my! If it’s a summery beer you’ll have the opportunity to sample it at our first ever Summer Beer Festival. We’re working on a couple of special offerings! Thursday July 16.

Speaking of beer fests, if you happen to be at the Calgary beer fest this Saturday, maybe shoot me a message on my twitter @ShawnsBrewsCGY and we can chat and have a beer! That’s it for this week; tune in to see what we get next week!


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