Italian Wine Festival – Friday March 20, 2015

Our Italian Wine Festival……the first of many.  We were all very excited to be a part of this sold out event.

We showed 85 wines from all regions of Italy! The aromas of red wine in the air and the excitement of 85 people, created quite a buzz. All the greats were there, everything from Sangiovese to Nebbiolo to Fruilano. Basically almost every wine in our Italian section was being poured.

Was there a favorite? No not at all! Everyone had favorites but there was not one clear winner. There were just too many delicious offerings to choose from.

We started with our very own exclusive, Andreola Prosecco, just to get the crowd going. Bubbles anytime!

People were moving through the rooms, asking questions, learning about the regions from our well prepared staff and agents.

To compliment the wine, Peasant Cheese Shop owner Crystal MacKenzie prepared an amazing array of treats. She had sliders, artichoke dip, pancetta wrapped figs with parmesan, charcuterie trays and of course plenty of Italian cheeses to hold up to the big bold Brunellos and Barolos.

Overall I would say this was a huge success and we will continue to offer our festivals regionally as well as our sold out Wine Festivals in spring and fall .

Our next session of tastings will be available soon, with two rare Italian vertical tastings from Poggio Altero and Masi Amarone.

We hope to see you there!

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