New beer products – February 25th, 2015

Another week, another shipment of great beer. Here at Kensington Wine Market, we feel that a week without something new and yummy to taste is a wasted week indeed! Upon recently rearranging our beer section, we’ve found some extra space that was just perfect for -you guessed it!- more beer! We had to work quick so the space wasn’t filled by Andrew with whisky, or by Eric with French wine. Stay away you vultures! The new products are as follows:

Estate Pale ale from MOA Brewing.
This American style pale ale comes from New Zealand’s own MOA brewing. Generous hops come through on both the nose and the palate (naturally). Light tropical and floral notes come across along with a lively carbonation and a smooth bitterness in the end. $8.19 for 750mL bottle.

Red Dragon Double IPA by Alley Kat.
Alley Kat has had nearly a 3 year journey with their Dragon IIPA series, and it all started with this one. Whether it be single hopped IPAs, or small hop combinations, their Dragon series has always been noteworthy and admirable. The call back to this classic (and a favorite of some) is a welcome knock on the door from a friend we haven’t seen in years. $6.79 for 650mL bottle

Salty Scott sea salt caramel scotch ale by Parallel 49 Brewing.
Definitely for the fan of the decadent-but-balanced-beers. The caramel notes are very forward on this brew, which was built on an old scottish wee heavy style. All the while salt does what salt does best: enhance the flavor! Giving the beer a soft, salinous mouth-feel. Grab one for dessert! $5.99 for 650mL bottle.

Saison Rue by The Bruery.
Though The Bruery are noted for their sour ales, there are certainly many entries of their non sour range that stand out. This farmhouse ale has a generous malted rye content that shows a lovely spiciness along with the biscuity malt and fruity yeast. Pro tip: Don’t drink this any colder than cellar temperature, then let it come to room temperature as you drink! $16.09 for 750mL bottle.

Cold Snap by Sam Adams.
Among the first of modern day craft brewers, Samuel Adams crafted this winter lager with a blend of fruits and spices, along with orange peel, coriander, hibiscus and plum. The special ingredients fortify this unfiltered, refreshing ale to make it stand up to the chilly weather, yet crisp enough to last through spring. $15.69 for a 6-pack of bottles.

Intensify Belgian IPA by Gigantic Brewing.
East meets west with this American IPA fermented with a Belgian yeast strain. Big fruity American hops combine with the massive, and fruity belgian yeast to make a fruity, estery, and bitter IPA with spicy and peppery notes throughout. $10.09 for 650mL bottle.

Winter Warmer by No Li Brewhouse.
Caramel and toffee are all over this rich, malty beer. Plenty of pine, spice, and American hops add a wonderful balance, along with a slightly American feel to this winter seasonal. The name sure suits it! $8.09 for 650mL bottle.

Molotov Lite by Evil Twin Brewing.
One of our favorite Danish brewers comes at us with this “lite” version of his iconic Molotov Cocktail IIPA. Dropping the beer from 13%abv to 8, this refreshingly balanced IPA delivers mouth-loads of orange hard candies along with slight sappiness on top of a very pale, mild (but pronounced) malt backbone. Filling and satisfying without being too heavy. $5.29 for a 500ml can.

Besides all these wonderful new arrivals, there are a few items back in stock after a temporary hiatus, and those are: Lagunitas Maximus IIPA (6-pack), Deschutes Obsidian stout (6-pack), Klingon Warnog (4-pack tall cans), The Bruery: Tart of Darkness (750mL btl), Something Brewing: Dark side schwarzbier and Hop bomb IPA (both in 4-pack cans), Stone Ruination IPA(650mL btl), Stone IPA (650ml btl), Lagunitas Night Time (6-pack btl).

One last thing, we’ve decided that we don’t taste enough beer in the store (seriously)! So from now on we will be opening a tasty beer or two to sample on Friday evenings for those who care to stop in (starting this Friday). You can see what is being opened by following @kensingtonwm or my own new twitter @ShawnsBrewsCGY

Cheers, and see you in the shop!

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