New beer arrivals – February 18 2015

Wednesday is always my favourite day of the week. We’re getting close to the weekend, I get a break from classes, but most importantly it’s order day at Kensington Wine Market!

It’s like Christmas day in the store as we all open our new products, and collectively drool over them.

On the beer side of things, here are the tasty new arrivals and restocks:

Methode Pilsner from Moa Brewing

These New Zealand brewers bottle condition this classic German style Pilsner in order to keep the beer full of bready yeasty notes along with an impressive and lively carbonation. $6.99 for 750ml.

Cuvee Bru from Big Rock Brewing

Right from own backyard, this Druivenbier features Pinot Gris grapes from BC’s Therapy Vineyards. This off dry brew features lovely scents of sweet grapes and honey. Perfect for modestly sweet desert. $11.49 for 750ml.

Garrison Black IPA from Garrison Brewing

Practically every brewery has taken a stab at this relatively new style. “Cascadian” is definitely the first work used to describe this Cascadian dark ale. Like eating citrus fruits while surrounded by pine trees with sticky sap running all down their trunks. With a generous helping of roasted malts, this medium bodied dark ale fits perfectly into winter time in the mountains. $6.99 for 650 ml.

Cascadian East from Stewart Brewing

This American style IPA is dominated by west coast hops, the big C’s. The off pale malts provide a decently rich and caramel filled body with a crisp and bitter finish. $8.19 for 500ml.

Cali Belgique from Stone Brewing

It’s Belgium meets California for this IPA. Stone classic IPA has been fermented with a carefully selected Belgian yeast strain to give this brew the best qualities of both old world and new world beers. $10.59 for 650ml.

Aside from the new arrivals, I just wanted to quickly mention that we have one more bottle of the Eclipse Imperial stout from Fifty Fifty brewing. This rare beer has been aged in Four Roses Bourbon barrels and we won’t see the likes of this again until next Christmas. The volume and price are perfect to share with a few adventurous friends, so come pick up this treat before it’s gone! ($39.39 for 650ml).

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