Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada December Outturn Dinners at Brasserie Kensington

Rob and Kelly from the Society thought we should do something a little different for the month of December. They thought we should gather the members and break bread while sampling some new drams. So we had the good folk a Brasserie Kensington put together a meal suitable for seven Society drams. They did a superb job.

The releases were interesting, 29.151 was a highlight for me, and is a steal at the price for a 24 year old sherry matured cask strength bottling. $217.99 is an unbelievable price considering the distillery 25 Year bottling goes for $550+, is lower alcohol and the most recent release we had was average. Also loved the 28.25, floral, delicate and old. Reminiscent of some of the distillery’s bottlings from the late 1980s. 3.219 was my third favourite, a classic Ex-Boubon bottling from this distillery located in the town of Bowmore. 35.111 matured in a French Chardonnay barrel was also very interesting as was 10.77 supposedly heavily peated. Decide for yourself… If you couldn’t make Sunday night’s tastings we have plenty of stock and the whisky will be available for sampling in store!

Here are December’s new releases:

  1. 28.25: Sweet nutty personality – 51.9% – 23 Year – Refill Hogsheads – Spicy & Dry – Outturn: 237 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Notes: “Many years in cask had given the nose linseed oil, linoleum, waxed canvas, new car, sandalwood and allotment shed characters – but the darling barley seed bestowed the creamy sweetness of crème Anglaise and choux pastry chocolate éclairs; watermelon and pear completed the picture. The neat palate supplied the typical sweet and nutty personality (the whisky, not the panel!) – Crunchy Nut cornflakes, peanut brittle ice-cream, hazelnuts, walnuts, muesli and digestive biscuits. With water, the nose found putty, macadamias, lemon curd and fruit cocktail, while the palate became much more honeyed and we liked it better. The distillery is in Blackford village.” Drinking Tip: “A bit of indulgence, say with a midnight snack.” – $204.99
  2. 36.72: Zorba’s Dram – 57.2% – 16 Year – Refill Barrel – Sweet, Fruity & Mellow – Outturn: 198 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Before water the panel were awakened by the scent of breakfast in a flower filled garden. Dried raspberry-filled muesli covered in peach yogurt was served up alongside a Kir. On the tongue we skipped to dessert. Bread and butter pudding covered in sugared almonds was accompanied by Toblerone chocolate and lemon bonbons. With water the panel’s nose took in the scent of Amalfi Lemons stuffed with vanilla ice cream. Then mace lingered whilst aniseed soothed. On the tongue a wax dipped concoction of pineapple, mango and honey.” Drinking Tip: “On holiday or in need of one.” – $160.99
  3. G10.4: A Witch’s Christmas Tipple – 57.9% – 23 Year – Refill Hogshead – Old & Dignified – Outturn: 261 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Notes: “Something quite Christmassy gift-wrapped the nose – oranges, mixed peel, Brazils, pecan pie, floral perfumes, varnished wood and pine trees. Water introduced dark chocolate, toffee, fudge, and coconut, with hints of spice. The palate had unexpected medicinal impact (cough syrup) and a broomstick whoosh of impressive dark sweetness that could have come from a cauldron (molasses on wood, dark honey, thick-cut, sticky marmalade, treacle scones, cinder toffee, cola bottle sweets). In reduction, caramelized sugar and sweet coffee dregs maintained the sweetness while the medicinal aspect now encompassed throat lozenge heat and suggestions of menthol. From column stills in the Gorbals.” Drinking Tip: “A conversation piece – something different and curious” – $177.99
  4. 35.111: A chalet girl’s dram – 59.3% – 12 Year – Refill Chardonnay Hogshead – Deep, Rich & Dried Fruits – Outturn: 256 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “With this whisky the panel were transported to an alpine cabin. On the nose they fancied pork crackling with red currant jelly and tom yam paste. Rich sherried notes of crème brûlée and ginger snaps. One was reminded of hot ski wax. To taste they found a meaty feast of biltong, paté on rye toast and coq au vin. It was as if a pan had been deglazed with Grand Marnier or trappist beer. With water, hot chocolate and tangerines in brandy developed. A leather pig skin football was kicked about. A curious and quirky dram.” Drinking Tip: “Après ski” - $132.99
  5. 3.219: Never far from the sea -54.3% – 13 Year – First Fill Barrel – Peated – Outturn: 234 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “This nose was never far from the sea – seaweed-covered rocks, sea-breezes, whelks, golden sand and ship’s timbers – but we also got wood-smoke and fireplaces, syrupy pancakes, pepper, lemon peel and minty toothpaste. The tongue-numbing, lip-licking palate had sweet, floral smoke (elderflower, lavender, violets), lemon and orange peel in bittersweet marmalade and touches of tobacco and eucalyptus on the finish. The nose turned fresher with water – succulent samphire, furniture polish, laundry, lime and harbours. Water made the palate less intriguing, more straightforward but still elegant – beach barbecues and lemon and white pepper over smoked salmon. From the 1779 distillery on Lochindaal. Drinking Tip: “For contemplative moments – or reading tales of the sea.” - $139.99
  6. 29.151: Polished violins and vintage cars – 50.8% – 24 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Peated – Outturn 311 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose transported us in vintage cars to exotic locations (leather sofas, Iranian rugs). We felt excitement and anticipation; Benedetti was rosining her polished violin. A sumptuous buffet was presented – including hibiscus flowers in syrup, elderflower fritters, sticky dates, cashews and dark honey cake – there was also a seafood table with oysters and barbecued prawns. The palate, however, was the star turn; at natural strength intensely tasty, without any aggressiveness – barbecued ribs in sauce, honey-smoked ham, cigar ash, treacle toffee, dry oak, clove and leather. Sweeter with water, we found the honey, caramelized nuts and heathery smoke lip -smacking, delightful and perfectly integrated.” Drinking Tip: “After a meal, with coffee and maybe a cigar – a drop of water improves it.” – $217.99
  7. 10.77: Beware the Monster – 61.4% – 6 Year – Refill Hogshead – Heavily Peated – Outturn: 196 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “A fruity and meaty nose initially with wine gums and honey glazed ham. Earthy notes are found alongside aniseed, fried mackerel skins, fabric Elastoplast and antiseptic. Smoke is present but be prepared as something much bigger than anticipated is lurking… As you take your first sip the full wrath of this peat monster is unleashed, singeing the tongue with hot charcoal and lavender ash. This adolescent beast can be tamed by adding water, bringing out heather, gorse and a light soapiness but the meaty notes – now mussels and spare ribs are long-lasting. Salty and ashy with soy sauce on the palate from this usually mild Islay malt.” Drinking Tip: “Dare to be different, the monster won’t bite.” - $100.99

In addition to the new releases we also have stock of a number of past releases. To browse them visit our KWM Scotch Malt Whisky Society Page!


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