Private Tasting for Skeleton Canada!

The Kensington Wine Market donates several private whisky tastings a year to selected city charities to aid in their fundraising. We donated one such private tasting in support of Canada’s National Skeleton Team. This past Friday our Scotch expert Andrew Ferguson conducted a Rare Malts for the group who purchased the tasting including Olympians Mike Douglas and John Montgomery. Canada’s winter Olympic athletes are working hard getting ready for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Friday’s tasting consisted of seven whiskies sampled blind: Old Malt Cask Littlemill19 Year, Cooper’s Choice Lochside 1967 44 Year, MacKinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt, Glen Spey 21 Year, Auchroisk 20 Year, Glen Garioch 1978 and Kilchoman KWM Sherry Cask.

At the end of the tasting the participants voted on the whiskies and they finished in the following order:

1) Glen Spey 21 Year – Only 36 Total Bottles Came Into Alberta – $374.99 + GST
2) Auchroisk 20 Year – Only 36 Total Bottles Came Into Alberta – $245.99 + GST
3) Cooper’s Choice Lochside 1967 – 44 Years Old and Very Rare – $226.99 + GST
4) Four Way Tie for Fourth:
- Glen Garioch 1978 – Exclusive to KWM – $448.99 + GST
- Kilchoman KWM Sherry Cask – Bottled Exclusively for KWM – $114.99+ GST*
- MacKinlay’s Rare  Old Highland Malt – Exclusive to KWM – $209.99 + GST*
- Old Malt Cask Littlemill 19 Year – Exclusive toKWM – $156.99 + GST

* Interestingly the best selling whiskies after the tasting were the MacKinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt and the Kilchoman.

“Big Thanks from my end to all that attended the Kensington Wine Market tasting.  I was not only impressed with the quality of samplings but also the extensive knowledge of the production process by Andrew.  Because of your efforts and generosity, winter Olympians like Jon and myself are better prepared to tackle the challenges of the upcoming 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Big Thanks again,

Mike Douglas”

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