Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada September 2014 Outturn

Here are September’s new releases as sampled at the Kensington Wine Market during the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s September releases tastings at KWM on September 8th, 2014.

  1. 36.62: The Italian job – 21 Year – 51.3% – 2nd Fill Hogshead – Speyside – Outturn: 229 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We were greeted by a fresh, chalky and slightly mineralic aroma; laundry drying in a sea breeze, fresh cut wood and a hint of grappaesque eau de vie. A light sweetness is lingering in the background, refreshers candy and Campino fruit bonbons. Fizzy on the tongueto start, then turning sweeter into grape juice and Rowntree’sRandoms. Herbal flavours follow; ciabatta bread, Parma ham and hard parmesan cheese grated on top. With water becoming even more mineralic, almost flinty, like an austere white Lombardian wine enjoyed on a terrace overlooking Lake Como late in the afternoon. The taste has an intriguing balance of sour cream chips and a honey yogurt ice cream – Salute!” Drinking Tip: “Whilst on holiday in Italy.” – $179.99
  2. 17.35: Very fruity, very tasty - 11 Year – 56.1% – Refill Barrel – Island/Orkney – Outturn: 242 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We found lots of good stuff on the nose – honey, toffee, vanilla, Battenberg cake, vanilla and a variety of fruits (pear, apple, tinned pineapple, strawberry, three-fruit marmalade). We also found tarragon, straw, putty, menthol, brass and a stationery cupboard. The palate was tasty – majoring on fruit (star-fruit, rhubarb, peach, pineapple) – but also with gummy bears, ‘soor plooms’ candies, some interesting ginger spice and a salty note. The nose shifted with water – oatcakes, tea caddies and pepper – the centerpiece still a bowl of fruit, but now sharper (gooseberry, lime). The palate became even tastier – Moffat toffees and coke with lime. Orkney’s smaller distillery.” Drinking Tip: “To serve before lunch in summer.” - $124.99
  3. 94.4: Ode to autumn - 24 Year – 52.3% – Refill Hogshead – Highland – Outturn: 201 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We were greeted by a dusty, warm and malty aroma – like a hayfield at harvest time on a sunny afternoon, or sanding a wooden floor, or dusting off a Scalextric set not used for a long time and having a first go. In the taste sweet and rich with a herbal and fruity note; Italian biscotti biscuits with hazelnuts and dark cherries as well as aniseed, lemon and orange rind. Adding water, roasted red peppers stuffed with herb couscous accompanied by a salty/tangy ginger and lime dressing and the taste salty and sweet like an olive oil and balsamic bread dip. A unique example from the distillery with a unique cooling system for its spirit still – simply running cold water along the sides.” Drinking Tip: “After enjoying a lovely autumn day.” – $199.99
  4. 7.97: Cedar, sandalwood and cinnamon – 20 Year – 53.9% – Refill Hogshead – Speyside – Outturn: 201 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We found rich aromas of dark honey, vanilla, coconut, chocolate, menthol, abundant leather and the deep woodiness of a cooperage, but somehow the nose also drifted towards tropical fruits and garden impressions with fresh flowers and herbs. The neat palate tingled the tongue nicely with leather, orange zest, wood, green herbs and aniseed and ginger spice – sweet tobacco and floral perfumes kicked in to create a wonderfully balanced and rather sexy experience. Water brought cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon and candy floss to the nose and pleasant pot-pourri perfumes to the palate. An attractive offering from this Chivas distillery south of Elgin.” Drinking Tip: “Set up a card game with some attractive dames and serve this – you can’t lose!” – $179.99
  5. 4.181: A muscle man from Orkney – 16 Year – 54.6% – Refill Sherry Butt – Islands/Orkney – Outturn: 650  Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “A wolf whistle and ‘hello sailor’ was all we could muster at this muscleman of a dram from Orkney. Rustic, grizzly and animalistic, he swept us up with his robust arms and carried us past barges and oil rigs to rural lavender heather pastures. Thick burnt condensed coconut syrup, PX sherry, Dundee marmalade, honey glazed smoked pork buns and Demerara sugar were all unashamedly present. Smouldering and rich on the palate, our dream man presented chewy burnt toffee, Russian caramels, orange treacle and sweet dark chocolate. Water brought out a sweeter side to him: coffee liqueur, sweet molasses and dried pineapple, all with a dusting of coco powder. But don’t be fooled by this softness: scorched and decadent, our palates were left with a thick, chewy finish of sherry infused raisins and dry Brazil nut skins. He knows how to treat a lady.” Drinking Tip: “While reading a Jackie Collins novel.” – $147.99
  6. 33.130: The farmyard and the chip shop – 11 Year – 56.1% – 2nd Fill Barrel – Islay – Outturn: 242 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “This presented two distinct scenarios which had the panel scratching collective heads. Malt in burlap sacks, sillage, tomatoes and compost in one camp. Fish and chips, in paper, oyster shells and lobster pots in the other. Vanilla pods andapple chutney and some tropical fruits popped up. Then the Islay personality roared into action with coal buckets, Germolene and barbecue smoke. With water it reminded one of a cedar wood chest of blankets with mothballs and another of laundry day at the beach. A curious creamy mouth feel of peach yogurt left the panel scratching their heads to the last drop.” Drinking Tip: “While eating fish and chips on the pier.” – $142.99
  7. 127.38: Enticing fume of a peat reek – 10 Year – 66.3% – Refill Sherry Butt – Islay – Outturn: 618 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “This nose is big and with so many facets that it will be difficult to describe with the limitations of a tasting note. Sweet smoke, bacon crisps, pork cracklings, honey and soy sauce, slightly burnt corn on the cob, oily mackerels, Germolene and tarry drift wood. The taste was absolutely huge, stunning, WOW! Sweet, smoky, ashy, briny; like a peat fire blazing in a croft house by the edge of the Atlantic grilling mackerels and honey smoked bacon. With water less intense sweet peat smoke with earthy (compost), herbal aromas like that of a good fish stock. The taste now Mediterranean pork with sage plums and oven-roasted tomatoes rolled in herbs.” Drinking Tip: “Just drink it!” – $122.99

There are many past SMWS releases still available. You can browse them all on our SMWS Pages.

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