Ciders of the Season w/ Hunter Sullivan Thursday Aug 21, 2014

This was a really fun tasting! We had some very enthusiastic cider samplers who took a journey with us exploring some of the most interesting ciders on the market. We started with the delightful and delicate Michel Jodoin Rose Sparkling Cider 2009 ($29.99), a rose cider done in a champagne style. It offered us  a dry and enticing flavor profile that eased everyone into the evenings line up. Next we featured the Julian’s Black and Blue Cider $11.95 as it swirled in our mouths we were taken on a scramble through the bramble, encountering notes of blackberries and blueberries all mixed together. This fruit infused cider was a clear favorite on the night, many of our participants were seen scrambling to buy a few. Next came the Mayador Limited Siddra ($14.99), a KWM exclusive, which was like a jaunt through the woods after an autumn shower. This beautiful cider transports you to the middle of a moody forest, fresh with hints of the forest floor, damp leaves and wet wood. All fell in love with this cider at first scent! Finally our excursion ended on a bittersweet note as we readied ourselves for the rich decadence of the Sea Cider Rum Runner ($18.99). A fantastic display of rich desserts, spices and tart apples. It felt like we’d ended the night with a little taste of Christmas! Thanks to all who attended, hope to see you again next time!


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