Bourbon Basics w/ Hunter Sullivan – Tuesday August 5, 2014

This is the first whisk(e)y tasting in a long while where we all sampled standing up! So much more than just an educating class, the one hour event was fun and informal. Those present had a great time discussing the different styles of Bourbon and other American whiskies which I had lined up for us. As a group we sampled through Basil Hayden’s $57.99 (a rye heavy bourbon), Makers 46 $63.49 (a wheat heavy Bourbon finished in French oak), Masterson’s 10 Year-Old Straight Barley (not bourbon, nor an American single malt, it is a straight barley whiskey) and finally Wild Turkey Rare Breed (standard Bourbon mash bill).

In the end the Wild Turkey Rare Breed was triumphant with the highest number of votes for favourite. Not far behind the other three whiskies finished in a tie.  The shocker of the night was the Masterson’s 100% Malt, a very weird and unusual American whiskey, interesting with excellent notes of barley. Being as the bottle is now open, come in for a taste. Last but not least, on this we had one of the first very successful cheese and bourbon pairings; something really awesome that I haven’t seen until now. Peasant Cheese shop, our neighbor sent us over a pair of cheese. Each of them paired beautifully with one of the whiskies:

  1. Maker’s 46 w/ San Simon Smoked Cheddar
  2. Basil Hayden w/ Pico Bello

Who knows what’s next, maybe cheese and tequila!

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