BBQ Wines – July 31st

AKA   our “Tight Wad” class. I was ready for the beautiful sun shining day and then the clouds rolled in … overcast , a threat of lightening and rain.. That didn’t stop our group..
Lets imagine we are on a patio…
1. We started with off  with Poggio Al Sole Rosato 2013. We can’t keep it in stock! Fresh and lively , easy to drink on its own  and even better when  paired with the always popular  Dauphin cheese.  A great starter for the crowd  and easily forgotten once we moved on to the next.  $21.99

2. Mayu Sauvignon Blanc. A new addition to our selection. At first people weren’t too sure about this one; a restrained mineral nose and earth with some acidity. Enter  Le 1608, a beautiful cheese from Quebec and this was a great opportunity to explain how food makes a wine sing.  It was one of my favorites. $15.99

3. Next, if you have been to any of my Tight Wad classes, you know I am going to include a Portuguese wine. It is one of the best value/quality ratio  countries for your hard earned dollars.  Vinos de Altitude Beyra Colheita Red  2012 it was a bit dirty , always rough around the edges which I like and I was able to convince a few others. Delicious, easy drinking with medium to full body. This was paired with Laguiole cheese. The cheese was very strong in flavor with quite a bit of acidity, the pairing was one of the favorites and the wine softened the strong flavours of the cheese. $15.99

4. And the winner is…  Altolandon Irrepetible Syrah/Malbec  2012. Not shocking; a very well rounded, full bodied organic red made by Rosalia Molina. Beautiful packaging and tastes even better. This is the perfect wine with our Alberta beef; not too heavy but just enough to carry any slab o’meat. A blend of 50% syrah and 50% malbec. A perfect combo! It was paired with the favorite cheese of the night Prestige de Brugge, an aged Gouda. Nobody really cared if it paired well, they just really enjoyed the wine. A few people ran next door to Peasant to pick up the selections of cheese.  $19.99

And 50 minutes later we were done. Off to dinner and to fight off the storm …

- Lisa Zinck

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