Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada July 2014 Outturn

Last night’s was one of the more popular recent Outturns. All six of the new releases showed well, as did the 7th, a re-release of 48.34: In a sweetie shop. The latter is a very fresh 9 year old Speysider at an eye-watering 63.3%. A drop of water turned it into a very pleasant summer patio sipper.

  1. 1.168: Delightfully dulcet deliciosity – 53.3% – 28 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside – Outturn: 189 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Following a scant scintilla of paint, the nose became a profusion of tropical fruits (banana, mango, piña colada, plum, orange) with dark chocolate-covered raisins, toffee, Demerara, Jamaican ginger cake and deep woody resonances (dunnage, polished furniture, tea chests, autumn leaves). The palate was a delightfully dulcet deliciosity with wow-ously warming woody spices – we tasted dried cranberries, peach stone, roast pumpkin, IRN-BRU, carrot cake and teasingly tannic after-tingles of walnut, leather and wood. The reduced nose had us imagining an after-hunt dram in a stately home, while the palate discovered star-fruit, grapefruit and gummi bears. From a family-owned distillery near Marypark.” Drinking Tip: “A dram to pour when you have plenty of time to let it develop and unfold.” - $220.99
  2. 44.55: Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason – 52.9% – 22 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside – Outturn 288 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “To start the nose neat is a new solid pine chest of drawers with embossed leather inlays and treated with an earthy tobacco finish, followed by less exotic aromas of pineapple with gammon, lemon grass, salted lime, geranium leaves, tomato vines as well as tomato crisps. On the taste surprisingly fresh wood smoke then scones, clotted cream and strawberries with balsamic vinegar and basil mint syrup. With water the aromas turn it into a Swedish knackebrod or a tea loaf with sultanas and caraway. To taste, sweet like a cream tea and well-done toasted crumpets with salted butter. The name of the distillery is pronounced ‘Krai-GELLachy’ which means ‘rocky hill’.” Drinking Tip: “Whilst enjoying afternoon tea.” - $177.99
  3. 35.84: J.K. Rowling meets C.S. Lewis - 58.4% – 14 Year – Medium Toast Light Char Hogshead – Speyside – Outturn: 266 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Deep, heady perfumes (rose, elderflower, geranium, lily of the valley, Chanel No. 5) gradually enfolded us in warm, welcoming hugs; complex (marzipan, autumn leaves, chestnuts, orange peel, vanilla, plum jam, cigar boxes) – amazing for its age. The velvety smooth, rich palate had flavours of Armagnac, fragrant wood, marmalade and sultanas – elegant but muscular. The reduced nose remained intense – a real sniffer’s dram (cherry pipe tobacco, mint, whisky marmalade) – somewhere between Moroccan spice markets and a country house wardrobe (shades of Narnia?). The reduced palate evoked J.K. Rowling in the Elephant House café – coffee, currant brioche, chewing a pencil. From Elgin’s younger distillery.” Drinking Tip: “When needing a hug – or to inspire the next adventure.” – $133.99 – SOLD OUT!
  4. 76.105: A continuous snow-fall of curiosities – 59.3% – 19 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Speyside – Outturn 540 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose spread a smear of sweetness (Danish pastries, Victoria sponge, Wagon Wheels) textured by a continuous snow-fall of curiosities – aniseed, Kummel, grappa, sandalwood, conifers, grass, leather, raisins, pineapple and sherry – complex and intriguing. Adding water brought out the fruitiness – strawberry, pear, kiwi and tinned fruit cocktail. The palate, though big and hot, had sweet juicy fruits and a succession of mouth-watering flavours– apple skins, blackcurrant Starburst in waxed paper and eggcustard tart. The heat came from ginger, nutmeg and pepper spice, but (especially with water) this was a refreshing, smooth and enjoyable dram from the first of Dufftown’s seven stills.” Drinking Tip: “To get the juices flowing on a Sunday afternoon.” - $167.99
  5. 27.104: Cowboy’s delight - 55.6% – 15 Year – Refill Sherry Gorda – Campbeltown – Outturn: 659 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Warm and welcoming. A polished leather saddle (and saddle soap), then marinated pork and a hint of dry tar and burnt buttered toast. Sweet then savoury to taste, with light salt and canvas; charred pork crackling. The latter becomes a gammon grill, when qualified with water, with singed pineapple and olive oil. An oily texture; sweet (pineapple again) then tannic, with a long, warming finish, lightly mentholated. A classic example of Campbeltown’s finest!” Drinking Tip: “With a hog-roast and pineapple rings.” - $147.99
  6. 127.34: Flying saucers and octopus balls - 63.2% – 9 Year – Refill Barrel – Islay – Outturn: 199 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “We found an almost endless list of amazing, enticing aromas –– sweet campfire smoke, hay-bales, birch sap, prawn shells, charred smoked mackerel, cinnamon, clove, dried roses, pot-pourri, orange, apricot and peppered ham. The palate did not disappoint – a lively, stimulating, crashing wave of taste – smoke, brine, ash, prawn tempura, Cullen Skink and takoyaki (octopus balls); dry-roasted cashews, roasted chestnuts, lemon sorbet and flying saucers. The reduced nose maintained our interest – great balance of sweetness and smoke – leather, canvas, peanut butter, fried sage, marzipan and pencil shavings. The reduced palate was spritzy, uplifting and full of positive anticipation. Smoky stuff from the Rhinns.” Drinking Tip: “On the beach – holiday time – gathering driftwood for the BBQ – sun sinking; this is the one!” - $115.99

July 2014's whiskies, not in any particular order!


One of the new releases, 35.84, sold out between our out of town customers and those present at the two tastings. Stock was an issue as there weren’t many bottles available for sale. In my opinion, the two finest whiskies of the night were 1.168: Delightfully dulcet deliciosity, a 28 year old Southern Speysider very atypical of the distillery’s house style, and 44.55: Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason which had lots of layers and complexity. The peated whiskies showed very well too, with the Campbeltonian,  27.104: Cowboy’s delight, settling down with a touch of water and time, and the Ileach, 127.34: Flying saucers and octopus balls, showing character well beyond its years. That latter whisky almost had the air of youngish Port Ellen.

In addition to the above mentioned whiskies, there are plenty of other Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada releases still available. You can Browse the whole inventory here!

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