Scotch Malt Whisky Society June 2014 Outturn

Another month, another release of single malts from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s Canadian arm. Last night’s tasting were a hit, featuring 6 new whiskies, and a 7th past release. The November release, 73.51: Mead Sherry & Butterscotch was pitted against another whisky from the same distillery, 73.57: Jamaican Rumtopff…; 23 and 21 years of age respectively. They couldn’t have been more different! My highlights from the range were 48.37: Real old-fashioned lemonade a very smooth and characterful 9 year old, 30.77: This is nuts! a very nutty sherry bomb and 31.26: BBQ smoke by a rolling sea a tropical but peaty old whisky from the Isle of Jura (I’ll leave it to your imagination to divine the distillery)!

June’s Outturn whiskies are available to sample while the heels last at KWM (some of them were quite small as a result of two packed tastings). Due to a snag with our liquor delivery this past week, none of the bottles are available for sale until Wednesday, June 11, but we are taking orders! Here are June’s new releases:

  1. 70.8: Youthful and zesty – yet complex! – 59.4% – 7 Year – Refill Barrel – Northern Highland – Outturn: 206 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Youthful whisky at its best – nosing of cut grass, delicate florals, dry white wine and lemon sherbet – attractively spring-like, but also complex – pencil shavings, clove, vanilla, crème brûlée and eventually liquorice. The palate showed a good personality –marzipan and honey sweetness, grapefruit and lemon zestiness, plenty of fruit (apple, grape, blackcurrant), some slate mineral notes and substantial heat leaving a mellow after-glow. The reduced nose seemed sweeter – pear juice, American Cream Soda and Jolly Ranchers. The palate increased the wood and flint notes but became milder, the heat more a tingle and less of a nip. Nearest distillery to Glenmorangie.” Drinking Tip: “The light, zesty character would make this a good spring or summer aperitif.” - $98.99
  2. 48.37: Real old-fashioned lemonade - 58.6% – 9 Year – First Fill Barrel – Speyside – Outturn: 230 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “First to note is the oiliness of the sample with very slow thick legs almost hanging on the side of the glass. Initially a very dusty sourdough rye bread developing with time into a freshly baked fruit malt loaf. Further aromas are of an earthy garden theme at springtime with bursts of angelica and fresh mint leaves appearing. The taste carries on with this sweet herbal theme; cinnamon sticks in dried oranges, nutmeg and an empire biscuit decorated with a glacé cherry. With little water sweeter and fruitier like a lemon cordial or a lemon drizzle cake and the additional freshness of a bar of Mint Aero. The taste is now a lemon meringue pie and real old-fashioned lemonade.” Drinking Tip: “When the sun is over the yardarm.” - $108.99
  3. 73.57: Jamaican Rumtopf – 55.7% – 21 Year – Refill Barrel – Speyside – Outturn: 209 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The initial nose neat is a heady pungent sweet aroma of musky perfume. It takes some time before other notes evolve and become noticed; an aromatic smell of sandalwood followed by herbal notes like a tartar sauce with capers, chives, parsley and lemon juice. The taste starts off very hot like biting on an individual peppercorn in a whisky and peppercorn sauce. After that it leaves you with a very creamy and buttery mouth feel and the sweetness of a cinnamon swirl. With water a lot sweeter and darker like a Rumtopf using high ester Jamaican rum and honey-glazed parsnips and carrots. Less intense in the taste but the flavours remain the same as neat becoming juicier and fruitier.” Drinking Tip: “As a companion for the months needed making a Rumtopf.” - $180.99
  4. 30.77: This is nuts! – 57.7% – 16 Year – Re-fill Sherry Butt – Speyside – Outturn: 775 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “We were greeted by a sweet and nutty aroma; toffee doughnuts, sticky toffee pudding, fruit and nut fudge and toasted tea cakes. Someone compared the initial taste neat to a bicycle puncture repair kit, but soon to be followed by a wonderful oily and waxy flavour of chocolate raisins, orange oil, marzipan, almonds and strawberry liqueur. With water the nutty notes are jumping out of the glass; Brazil, macadamia, pecan, walnut, hazelnut and dry roasted peanuts, but there is also a sweet and savoury note like oatcakes with liver paté on a raspberry coulis. The taste now dry,chalky and slightly salty with flavours of sour cream pretzels, plum chutney, malt vinegar and in the finish an old Amontillado Sherry.” - Drinking Tip: “Ideal with a ploughman’s lunch.” - $150.99
  5. 31.26: BBQ smoke by a rolling sea – 53.6% – 24 Year – Refill Hogshead – Highland Island – Outturn: 262 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Our noses picked up the sea in droplets of spray, mixed seafood barbecues and beach clean-up bonfires. We also found mineral notes (slate, plaster, Plasticine), butterscotch, aniseed, salted crisps and cooked buttery pastry. The palate had quite serious smoke plus sweet, woody and earthy elements but most comments were exploring the savoury flavours of smoked ribs, bacon rolls with brown sauce, barbecued scallops and marmite on toast. On the reduced nose, somewhere between a rock-pool and a swimming pool, we were aware of prawn tempura with wedges of lemon and charred gammon with pineapple – nice feast! From Jura’s only distillery.” Drinking Tip: “At a beach barbecue – Oh man! Roll on the summer!” – $185.99
  6. 29.132: Hospitals and Japanese restaurants – 56.6% – 21 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Islay – Outturn: 543 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose gave us myriad impressions – creosoted sheds, leather gardening gloves, hay-bales, tarry driftwood, menthol cigarettes, burnt marshmallows, honey-glazed ham and sea-drowned bonfires – all quite earthy and deep. The neat palate had dry peat smoke curling round a table bearing clove-studded ham, pickles, relish, fried green tomatoes, roast pars21nip and cooked seaweed. The reduced nose united hospitals (medicines, bandages) with Japanese restaurants (miso soup, soy sauce mushrooms, teriyaki fish). On the palate, delicious, juicy sweetness now overcame the smoke; clean replaced dirty and the sacred prevailed over the profane – Hallelujah. From the distillery named after the hollow by the broad bay.” Drinking Tip: “With sushi!.” - $181.99

Past Releases Still Available can be viewed on our Scotch Malt Whisky Society pages.



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