Ardbeg Day 2014 Part I – Green v Gold

Ardbeg Day began as the distillery’s Open Day, during Feis Isle, or the Islay Whisky Festival, held in late May every year. Ardbeg Day is now celebrated in cities all over the world through a network of Ardbeg Embassies. Our Scotch Guy attended Ardbeg Day festivities in Tokyo last year! Kensington Wine Market was the first Ardbeg Embassy named in North America, and this was our third year participating in Ardbeg Day festivities here in Calgary.

Every year a special bottling is commissionedfor Ardbeg Day . Two years ago there was the Ardbeg Day bottling, and last year it was Ardbog. This year’s release is Auriverdes, latin for Green and Gold. A tribute to Ardbeg’s golden nectar and its signature green bottle, Green and Gold also happens to be Brazil’s colours. So the bottle is also paying homage to the World Cup of Soccer, which gets underway in that country in just under a month. 

Fittingly, Ardbeg Day  in Calgary began with a soccer match between two teams: Auri and Verdes; the Gold and the Green. Our Scotch Guy, Andrew Ferguson, took the helm of Team Gold (Auri), while whisky blogger Curt Robinson ( ), captained Team Green (Verdes). Bragging rights and a handsome trophy were up for grabs. Teams were selected in the school yard fashion, with the match was preceded by a toast to Ardbeg.

The game was tight with Team Gold taking a 2-0 lead in the first half. Andrew’s selection of players based on their having cleats (and how fancy they looked) seemed to have paid dividends. But Team Green came roaring back in the first ten minutes of the second half to tie the match at 2-2. It was anyone’s game…. And then, the TSN Turning Point, a penalty was taken by the Gold just in front of their own net, and a penalty shot was awarded. Team Gold’s Captain, and Keeper, Mr. Ferguson made a miraculous stop, keeping the game  tied. Gold would go  on to edge the defenders 4-3. It was a glorious afternoon and great fun was had by all. Talk of a rematch was already sprouting as the final whistle blew.

The party then moved on to the main Ardbeg Day festivities, the details of which will be posted tomorrow! Special thanks to all those who participated. We would also like to thank our sponsors, Charton Hobbs, Moet Hennessey, Ardbeg and everyone at Kensington Wine Market for making this game possible!

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