Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting w/ Andrew

Its become a tradition the last four or five years at KWM to host a Tequila tasting on Cinco de Mayo. Is there any more appropriate day on the calendar to do so? Our Scotchguy, Andrew Ferguson, on this night donned his Tequila sombrero and alter-ego for a unique tasting. Andrew selected a range of 7 tequilas never before sampled in the store.

  1. Herencian Historico Crystalino A five year old filtered tequila matured in American and European oak. Creamy, honeyed and fruity and the agave notes are soft and floral with a hint of leather and some decadent spice. - $134.99
  2. Scorpion Mezcal Anejo A one year old Mezcal with a scorpion added “for extra excitement.” There is something almost savoury and smoky about the palate. Earthy and quite herbaceous, it is soft, smooth and spicy. - $79.99
  3. Crotalo Anejo Is a 2 year old tequila, matured in French oak for its first year, and then finished in “proprietary oak barrels” for its second year. It is a rich and aromatic tequila, more soft and sweet on the palate. Floral without any traces on herbaceous or bitter notes. – $99.99
  4. Excellia Reposad0 Shockingly complex for just 9 months of age the maturation in Grand Cru Sauternes wine casks and ex-Cognac barrels has produced a very complex spirit. Multi-layered and very complex with a long robust finish. – $91.99
  5. Excellia Anejo Building on the notes in the Reposado the Anejo takes things to a whole other level. Imensely fruity, honeyed and rich with soft toasty oak, lots of spice and the classic subtle floral tones of highland agave spirit. – $121.99
  6. AHA Toro Anejo Produced from Highland Agave grown about 21oom, and bottled in a unique bottle/decanter. Very light and floral, lots of agave nectar, thin clean white chocolate and the promise of honey that never quite materializes. – $69.99
  7. Patron Gran Buerdos Curiously, this tequila is produced, matured for at least a year in French and American oak (by which time it can be classified as Anejo) at which time it is disgorged, re-distilled, and then matured in vintage Bordeaux barrels. You get a sense of the herbal agave, but it is being tossed around as if by bullies: the leather and dark fruits of the wine cask; the ginger and other candied fruits of the French oak; and the toasty vanilla of the American. – $474.99

Our Top 3 Tequilas As Selected by our guests:

  1. Patron Gran Burdeos
  2. Excellia Anejo
  3. Herencia Historico Crystalino & Crotalo Anejo

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