Lisa’s Italian Adventure, Day 2, April 4 Verona Italy

How exciting! I slept well and late. Lazy morning.  I dragged myself to breakfast just before cut off @ 11 am. Espressos x 3, a little piece of bread, eggs and bacon and off I go to the city.

Cathedral Verona is where I have decided to start. I was amazed at how few tourists there are and am thankful for the peaceful space. It was the perfect start to the day’s adventure. I wanted to go with the flow and see where I ended up.

I was amazed at the simplicity of the front entrance and was certain I was not in the right place. I paid my nominal fee and walked in. There was a group sitting in the Centre of the pews and then all of a sudden they started to sing. Everyone stopped in their tracks. I have no idea if that was a regular occurrence or not. They sang 3 songs and then quietly left the building. We all wanted to clap and cheer however my Old Catholic self kicked in. I sat in awe and shed a tear for the randomness of the act. I ended up spending 3 hours!

There lies comfort in a church with such beauty. It is best to stick with what I know.  The art speaks for itself and makes me want to paint.  Dance I can master, I fear there is no hope for visual arts.

The rest of the day I get lost in the streets. Every corner had beauty surrounding itself. I stumbled over a wine store. My church! I asked how long they have been there, not long, 15 years.  Imagine, that’s a long time in our world.

The walls were swallowed by wine and spirits, mostly local, floor to 20 feet ceilings. It looked to be an estimate of 20 x20 feet.  Talk about utilizing your space! I splurged. The older man assisting me gave me no option.

I picked up 2005 valpolicella superiore ,2008 IGT from Guiseppe Quintarelli. I thought a rose prosecco to celebrate with the other guests arriving in a day or so.

Back to hotel, I thought I would chance dinner in the restaurant.  What a pleasant surprise! There were 3 other tables in a huge room. Wine splayed throughout the space, obviously preparing for the rush of Vinitaly guests. The best part, my meal was superior to any meal I have had in a chain hotel:

  • Grilled vegetables splashed with local olive oil and goat cheese paired with Custoza by a small local winery.
  • Beef carpaccio with Valpolicella from Masi
  • And to finish, the best gnocchi I have ever had! I now comprehend what those people mean by, ” the pillow ” effect. It had a hint of fresh tomato sauce paired with Bardolino.

Now I am wide awake at 1:30 am excited for my adventures tomorrow.  I will have to walk this off tomorrow.



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