Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada March 2014 Outturn


The last of three sold-out SMWS Canada March Outturn tastings have just wrapped at KWM, and we’re ready to introduce you to our most recent offerings. If there was a theme it was whiskies uncharacteristic of their house style, such as an almost malty very old grain whisky, a sublimely tropical Pearl (30th Anniversary) Dram, an almost smoky Mortlach and a Laphroaig with a style that was closer to Ardmore. It was another great release of Society whiskies and demand was strong, almost evenly across the board!

  1. G3.5: Chocolate cafe latte – 49.6% – 33 Year – Refill Hogshead – Grain – Outturn: 159 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “After the first impression on the nose neat of apple and pear juice as well as buttered corn on the cob, the aromas turned wonderfully sweet; spun sugar, maple syrup waffles, freshly made American pancakes and Turkish delight. The taste was like a super sweetpoached pear, pink and white nougat, rosewater and a little spice -a café latte with a cinnamon sprinkling on top. Water turned the nose nutty, peanuts as well as a chocolate hazelnut spread on a toasted crumpet, whilst in the finish we found orange chocolate liqueur. On the palate sweet ripe fruits, some oaky flavours andbutterscotch. This very velvety and soft example comes from an Edinburgh based distillery which shut its door in 1988.” 
    Drinking Tip
    : “At a tailgate party.” - $229.99
  2. 72.31: Something old, something new - 48.3% – 29 Year – Refill Hogshead – Speyside – Outturn: 206 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The Panel was greeted with a lot of ‘new’ aromas; the inside of a new car, new leather and a newly varnished wooden floor. With time deeper and ‘older’ notes appear; like a very old dusty leather bound library book in a new shiny cover. It does not stop there – tobacco leaves, caramelized apples, brandy butter and waxy lavender candles are also mentioned. The taste has an enticing combination of wood,nuts and spices; ginger, cardamom and paprika powder. With water oily like hazelnut syrup lacing a coffee as well as almonds, figs and dried cherries. The taste now sweet and juicy like a mango smoothie or an apricot frangipane tart. The never ending finish is that of a Peshwari naan bread with mango chutney.” Drinking Tip: “Whilst reading or watching Aladdin.” - $229.99
  3. 44.58: A bittersweet sensation59.1% – 13 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Speyside – Outturn: 560 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “All of us, well the not-so-young ones, were transported back in time to an old fashioned candy shop, wooden floor boards, saw dust and glass jars absolutely everywhere. There are so many aromas let’s mention a few; saltwater toffee, rhubarb and custard swirly lollies, apple and pear bonbons and strawberry chewits. The taste neat redberry jam, ripe Morello cherries and chocolate like Green & Black’sDark Chocolate Cherry Bar. After a tiny splash of water initially quitedusty – opening a book after a very long time on the shelf, then sweetnotes reappear quickly; fruity jelly beans, strawberry gelatine andHubba Bubba chewing gum. An enticing fruity/sour combination with a creamy finish of rhubarb crumble and vanilla custard.” Driking Tip: “When you’re feeling nostalgic and listening to a vinyl record.” – $130.99
  4. 48.34: In a sweetie shop63.3% – 9 Year – 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Speyside – Outturn: 227 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Clean and austere to start, soon giving way to a ‘sweetie-shop’complex – candy cigarettes and Dolly Mixtures, Smarties (in their tube) and Toblerone, vanilla scented custard powder – and with water these scents are joined by creamy fudge, toffee popcorn and‘empty foil crisp packet’. At full strength the taste is sweet and mouth drying, with fennel, even aniseed balls, and a hot and slightly bitter finish. Water is beneficial, softens the texture and increases the sweetness, but it retains a peppery kick in mid-palate, and an aftertaste of nougat and Tracker bar (cereal and nuts). This distillery, on the Haughs of Cromdale, now also makes gin.” Drinking Tip: “On the way back from school.” - $109.99
  5. 76.97: Nighttime campfire treat – 57.2% – 17 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Speyside – Outturn: 572 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The Panel was greeted by an array of smells like in a Mediterranean herb garden, quickly followed by more homey aromas such as gorse,heather, pine cones and a slight dampness of moss and mushrooms. Turning sweeter with time, golden syrup, lemon cake and ripe pineapples. Neat on the palate, very viscous and sweet, like melted milk chocolate, also nutty and vanilla flavours appearing and a long finish of salted and peppered cashew nuts. Careful with water, thenose turns a lot sweeter; orange chocolate, caramelized bananas withsugary nuts sprinkled on them and ginger biscuits. In the taste the ginger biscuits are now slightly burned and caramelized, there is also orange liqueur and as a treat S’more – marshmallow with chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers – delicious!” Drinking Tip: “To start and to finish a summer’s barbecue.” - $149.99
  6. 4.175: Suspicious ckulkers on the catwalk – 55.9% – 13 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Island – Outturn: 218 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose was more delicate than usual – suspicions of shoe polish,fresh photocopies and old books skulked among the catwalk models strutting their sweet barley and citric juiciness (green Starburst, lemon bonbons, orange matchmakers, marmalade, lime zest). Citricvariations were also evident in the zesty, tingling palate (lemon, lime,cooking apple) – balanced by honeyed sweetness but with flowerstems, smoke and embers at the back. The reduced nose – peeled twigs, waxed paper (Starburst again), cherries, toffee, manuka and raspberry sauce on ice-cream. The palate now found red liquoriceand sugar-coated fennel seeds. A distillery apparently haunted by its founder’s ghost.” Drinking Tip: “Untypical of the make – so could be used to amuse or confuse.” – $132.99
  7. 29.134: Nurses & doctors attend a beach BBQ – 61.5% – 17 Year – Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Islay – Outturn: 220 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose, minty, herbal and Euthymol-like, cleared our sinuses,but left impressions of beach barbecues (smoke, embers, melted tar, sea water, caramelized sausages, smoky bacon, pepper, Branston pickle, leather gloves and burnt gym shoes). The palate was absolutely huge – tarry driftwood, smoking tires, bacon rolls, jalapeños and barbecued prawns. With water, the nose freshened– the BBQ (sprinkled with bog myrtle and eucalyptus) was now in the grounds of a hospital (First Aid boxes, bandages, nurses’ uniforms, TCP, pharmacy potions and powders). The palate was now smoky, sooty and hot, with mint humbugs and clove-studded roast ham. Prince Charles favours this distillery.” Drinking Tip: “At a beach barbecue – or otherwise the last dram of the night – then dream of beach bbqs.” – $164.99

There are many past releases still available too, click here to  scroll through them!

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