Jura Distillery Tasting with Willie Tait on Tuesday September 17th

The Isle of Jura is a remote sparsely inhabited island on Scotland’s west coast. Located to the north-east of Islay and running along the Kintyre peninsula for about 40 miles. Most of the island is wild and uninhabited, dominated by its three large volcanic mountains, ‘the Paps’. There is just a small single track road leading from the Ferry port at Feolin to the main town of Craighouse. From there the road only continues 2/3 of the way up the island’s east coast, after which there is little more than a jeep track. It is along this remote and isolated stretch of coast that George Orwell wrote 1984.

The Jura distillery was reopened in 1963 in part to revitalize the island economy and prevent further erosion of its population. In the last few decades the island’s population has stabilized at 196 people, a far cry from the 3,000 inhabitants which may have lived there in the 18th and early 19th centuries. The island’s people are outnumbered 30 to 1 by its population of red deer.

At times the ugly step child to Dalmore in the Whyte and MacKay portfolio, Jura has been reinvigorated in the last few years and is finally coming into its own, and earning the respect it deserves. Join us for a tasting with former Jura Distillery Manager and travelling Brand Ambassador Willie Tait on Tuesday September 17th to learn the history and legends behind the lonely isle, and its namesake distillery.

We’ll sample the following Isle of Jura malts:

  1. Jura 10 Year
  2. Jura Superstition
  3. Jura Prophecy
  4. Jura Elixir – $58.49
  5. Jura Boutique Barrels 1993
  6. Jura Boutique Barrels 1996
  7. Jura 30 Year - Limited Release – $509.99
  8. Jura 1977 – Exclusive to KWM – Only 5 bottles in Canada! – $879.99

Call the store at 403-283-8000 or visit our website to register online: https://www.kensingtonwinemarket.com/tastings/register.php .

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