Introducing Sexual Chocolate – Our Latest Exclusive Wine

Our latest exclusive wine is just a little bit titillating. “Made in Napa, Sexual Chocolate is a true California wine, blending old vine Zinfandel from Napa with northern California Syrah and Petite Sirah. The Zinfandel presents a rich, warm feel that could be confused with biting into a chocolate covered cherry, while the Syrah adds a finish that does not linger after the party is over. The Petite is blended perfectly to display aromatics of magic and love. Sexual Chocolate pairs well with late nights, friends, and a second bottle of Sexual Chocolate.” $34.99 / bottle

The producers are a little tongue and cheek, here are a couple of You Tube Videos they’ve put together to promote their product. Be forewarned, the content is mature!

SLO Down Wines: Threesomes

SLO Down Wines: Equestrianism

SLO Down Wines: Horticulture


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