Kensington Wine Market and Gold Medal Marketing Raise $360 for the Children’s Hospital Aid Society

In early March Gold Medal Marketing launched a limited edition single cask Tullibardine in Alberta. The barrel was selected by owner and operator Andrew (Andy) Dunn, and bottled for his company. This in itself is not so unusual, many stores, clubs and some agencies in Alberta have selected and privately bottled casks (Kensington Wine Market alone has done over 20 of these to date). What makes it unique is that Andy decided to team up with the retailers who’d be selling it, and offered to donate $5 from each bottle purchased by a given store, to the charity of that store’s choice. I thought this was a great idea and Kensington Wine Market got on board early.

Cask # 627, a First Fill Sherry Hogshead from Tullibardine, was distilled in 1987 and bottled after 22 years at a natural cask strength of 58.3%. The back label of each of the bottles indicates it was bottled exclusively for Gold Medal Marketing and that a portion of the proceeds would be donated. 213 total bottles were released, and Kensington Wine Market committed to 72 of these. To date all but a dozen of these have sold. The whisky is of exceptional quality, very dark, rich and fruity. My tasting note:

My Tasting Note: Nose: very fruity, cinnamon and cardamom, tones of “goats milk white chocolate” (yes there is such a thing, see Epiphany at 1417B 11st SW in Calgary for more info) and raspberry jam; I also detect a twinge of mom’s rhubarb crumble; Palate: rich and spicy with ripe candied fruits; sticky toffee pudding, cinnamon, ginger, clove and more spices besides; is there an undertone of soft vanilla? The whisky is very nutty, with a rich sherry character; it is hard to tell if under all the layers of sweet, spice and oak whether there is an American oak influence to be found (Is this a straight sherry or a finish I wonder?), in the end I

suppose it doesn’t matter, it is the journey that’s important, and I’m enjoying this one!  Finish: the finish is rich, smooth and sweet; candied fruits linger fading with hints of honey, soft spice and toasted oak; Comments: this is an excellent Tullibardine cask, the alcohol comes across a little strong at first, but settles down after a sip or two. Would a little water tame that down? I don’t know. Truth be told I was enjoying it too much straight to find out! – $145.99

Dianne Ferguson (CHAS), Andrew Ferguson (Kensington Wine Market), Dorothy Woslstencrot (CHAS) and Andrew “Andy” Dunn (Gold Medal Marketing)

Accordingly, Gold Medal Marketing has pledged to write a cheque to the charity of our choice, in this case, The Children’s Hospital Aid Society or CHAS. CHAS is the oldest charitable organization in the city of Calgary and its primary function is raising funds for the Children’s Hospital and related charities. This year funds raised by CHAS are primarily being put toward the Brain Health Initiative at the Children’s Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of Andy Dunn of Gold Medal Marketing and the support of our customers, we have been able to contribute $360 towards this organization. Of the 72 bottles we purchased there are only a dozen left if you’re in need of a good dram and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from doing some good!


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