Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada June 2013 Outturn

Can you believe it is already the 6th month of 2013? The year has gone by so quickly, and so have some of the Society whiskies we’ve released. Thankfully we have six new releases for the month of June. We launched the whiskies tonight in two back to back Society tastings at the Kensington Wine Market. This month’s tastings sold out in a record 2 hours, so we added a Saturday seating as well. As of right now, there are still spaces available for the Saturday June 8th tasting. $35 for members and $45 for guests, to taste 7 Scotch Malt Whisky Society Bottlings… Call 403-283-8000 or visit to register.

June’s Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada New Releases:

  1. 71.35: Rose petal baths in the Glasgow School of Art – 57.2% – 27 Year – Speyside – Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead – Outturn: 216 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We found ourselves, after a prolonged silence in the Panel, in theGlasgow School of Art. Canvas, easels, paints, pastels, watercolours,spray adhesives, brushes, linseed oil cleaner – you get the picture! Butthis is not all, we also find a perfumey note, rose petals and Elderflowerjelly with fresh raspberries. The taste neat is kind and soft like rosewaterflavouredTurkish Delight or a very light milk chocolate bar. Releasing anytension, it leaves you wonderfully relaxed with not a care in the world.Holds water well but don‘t add a lot, pretty much the same aromas asneat with the addition of an old leather armchair to recline into. Theintensity on the palate increases – if that is possible – spectacular mouthfeel and the aftertaste goes on forever.” Drinking Tip: “Having a rose petal bath, candles, music…” - $203.49
  2. 125.61: Patisseries & ice-cream parlours – 61.5% – 7 Year – Highland – First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 229 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose combined patisseries and ice-cream parlours – icecream,pear Belle Helene, orange sorbet – glazed tarts, candiedangelica, lemon zest, strawberries and cream – but also Danish oilon wood, agave tequila and triple sec. The juicy palate was sweetlydelicious – red fruits, blood orange, Peach Melba and apricots insyrup, but with a cheeky kick of pepper, cinnamon and clove. Thereduced nose was more ‘orangey’ (orange oil, orange blossom,chocolate orange creams) but also held kirsch, honeycomb andheather and lily in a leather-upholstered car. The reduced palate –custard creams and Greek yoghurt with apricot pieces. Thedistillery rhymes with ‘orangey’.” Drinking Tip: “Imagine driving through Seville withHeather and Lily in a 1960’s Jaguar.” - $98.99
  3. 76.91: Caballero in an orange grove57.9% – 22 Year – Speyside – Refill Sherry Butt – Outturn: 518 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “We nosed polished antique furniture, desiccated coconut, clove-studdedoranges, Bourneville chocolate, black coffee, treacle toffee, leather, sweettobacco and liquorice. Someone described the palate as ‘hot andhappening’ – sweet, rich and spicy with blood orange, grapefruit, jaffacakes and marmalade; all with clove, ginger and nutmeg tingles. Thereduced nose was more sophisticated; boots of Spanish leather, vanilla,flowers, sandalwood oil and chocolate orange. The reduced palate, calmand mellow, with some sweet sherry, almond and marzipan evoked animage of an aristocratic Caballero riding on horseback throughAndalucian orange groves. This distillery has a still called the ‘wee witchy’.” Drinking Tip: “Sip this, close your eyes and imagine you are inthe company of Antonio Banderos or PenelopeCruz or the horse, whichever you prefer.” - $176.59
  4. 3.195: Cigar smoking dragon – 58.5% – 14 Year – 2nd Fill Sherry Butt – Islay – Outturn: 609 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose neat is like being on a beach covered in dried seaweedwith a damp peat fired BBQ of roast ham, pork bellies and grilledherring alongside boiled cabbage seasoned with butter, salt andpepper. The taste is like a cigar smoking dragon exhaling, a fiercelyhot, fiery, sweet and peaty breath; not for the fainthearted! Withwater more salty; the BBQ has some driftwood thrown into the fire,freshly caught fish and oysters in salty water. The taste is now likereclining in an old comfortable sofa beside a crackling wood fireand enjoying dark centred milk chocolate truffles. This unusualexample comes from the oldest distillery on Islay.” Drinking Tip: “Takes water well, but some like it hot!” - $131.99
  5. 33.122: Big, brooding, masculine & intense - 59.7% 7 Year – First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 239 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “Peat-smoked fire bricks, tarred ropes, lobster pots on old boats,Fisherman’s Friends, sweet scallops, seaweed, coconut huskdoormats, barbecued sausages – that was the nose. The palatewas a massive, tongue-roasting, smack in the face (ash, smokingcharcoal, charred sausages and black pudding, over-done crêmebrûlée and lime); but somehow calming with its vanilla ice-creamsweetness. The reduced nose – dunnage warehouses, oily, herby,peaty, oaky, burnt toast – fascinating. The palate remained big,brooding, masculine and intense, with over-roasted vegetables,flamed chorizo and some plastic, soapy resonances (manly versionof rubber duckies at bathtime?). Now Islay’s only distillery with aJack Russell.” Drinking Tip: “Has the power to revive – perhaps late evening,watching Zombie movies?” - $97.99
  6. R3.4: Makes you strong like a lion - 75.3% – 10 Year – Refill Sherry Butt – Rum – Panel’s Tasting Note: “To start the neat nose is melted brown sugar in butter followed by asurprisingly clean wood smoke, like a distant Arbroath smoke house. Inaddition we get antiseptic notes like germolene or a lemon scentedsavlon next to aromas of red clay in a pottery. To taste it feels like being ina sauna, sitting on the highest bench during an ‘Aufguss’ whilst eatingwasabi. With the addition of water a foamed neoprene wetsuit turningquickly into salty butter on burnt toast. With time shellfish aromas ofmussels and scallops develop. To taste, now intense sweet like acroissant with butter but also savoury bacon notes and fragrant incensesticks of sandalwood in the finish.” Drinking Tip: “With or in place of a Jagerbomb.” - $105.99

Past Releases Still Avaialable:

All of these whiskies are linked to our website, which provides the tasting panel’s tasting note on each whisky, as well as its age, cask type and strength.

  1. A4: SOFT, SPICY, RICH AND INTENSE – Armagnac – $170.99 – 7 left
  2. 3.187: CAMPHOR MUSCLE OIL & RUSSIAN CARAMEL – Going Fast! – $126.99
  3. 3.188: THE CAMPING TRIP – $130.49
  4. 3.193: BABY-FACED ARSONIST – $130.99 – Just 3 left!
  5. 4.164: MUDDY TRACTOR – $123.49 – Only 7 left!
  6. 4.165: SOFT PEAT & SEASIDE PIERS – $174.49 – Just 1 left!
  7. 4.166: IMPRESSIONS OF AN ORKNEY LANDSCAPE – $164.99 – Only 5 left!
  8. 4.167: FLAPJACKS & OJ’S CEREAL – $147.99 – Only 5 left!
  9. 5.35: LAUNDRY IN THE BAKERY – $116.99 – Only 6 left!
  10. 9.66: MELLOW-DRAM-ATIC – $126.99
  11. 29.121: SEAFOOD PARTY ON THE BEACH – $164.99 – Just 3 left!
  12. 30.70: VENUS IN FURS – $170.99 – Only 4 left!
  13. 30.71: BURNT CRUMPET & HIGHLAND TOFFEE – $127.49 – Only 6 left!
  14. 30.72: TAKE A BREAK AND HAVE A… – $110.99
  15. 35.67: WINTER SPICE FOR THE SUMMER – $181.49
  19. 41.52: BOILED SWEETS & PLAT DOH – $100.99 – Only 6 left!
  20. 44.53: LIP-SMACKING, CHEWY & CHUNKY – $170.99
  21. 53.168: ELASTOPLAST ON A ROASTED TONGUE – $142.99 – Only 6 Left
  22. 63.27: JAR JAR BINKS IN TROUBLE AGAIN – $88.49
  23. 66.32: ROLY-POLU PUDDING – $117.49
  24. 76.89: A WHISPER OF DECADENCE – $133.99
  25. 76.92: TICKS ALL THE BOXES – $198.49 – Only 6 left!
  26. 121.55 : BITTER MARMALADE & BOOZY PRUNES – $122.99


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