Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada May Outturn – Blasts from the Past!

The May 2013 Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada May 2013 Outturn was a release of 7 Blast from the Past Whiskies, including a couple of old favourites. Some of them didn’t last the night!

  1. 44.53: Lipsmacking, chewy & chunky51.5% – 22 Year – Speyside – Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead – Outturn: 279 – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose had many facets – sweet (chocolate chip cookies, crêpeswith Nutella) savoury (maple-cured bacon, honey-glazed ham,rarebit, herby dumplings) floral (bluebells, lilac, rosewater syrup);also tobacco, fur coats, lemon and a new box of coloured crayons.The palate was quite impressive – lip-smacking, chewy and chunkywith warm spice, gorse flowers, waxy lemons and perfumed smoke.The reduced nose added honey cake with caraway seeds, fresh seaair, sandstone and Brylcreem. Still very tasty with water, itsuggested Kummel liqueur and pumpkin seed oil – sounds odd butwe found it very agreeable. The distillery was long associated withWhite Horse.” Drinking Tip: “To enjoy while getting dressed to goout and enjoy a special evening.” – $170.99
  2. 39.82: Suede shoes walking through clover – 60% – 13 Year – Speyside – Refill Sherry Butt – Outturn: 603 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose conveyed clementines, cherries, sweet and salty popcorn,peppery jamon Serrano, clove-studded ham, a basket ofmushrooms and suede shoes walking through clover towards afarm-yard. The palate had peppery, earthy, salty, savoury elements(pork scratchings) yet was surprisingly sweet too, with caramel andtoffee popcorn. The reduced nose was floral and carbolic, a childwas blowing bubbles and eating candy cigarettes in a sun-dappledpine forest. The reduced palate continued the sweet and saltyfascination – Turkish Delight, rock salt, clove rock, lucky tatties(cinnamon) and a lick of limestone. The distillery was once a safehaven for spiders.” Drinking Tip: “With food – and maybe a beer.” - $120.49
  3. 35.64: Eating custard in an old Jag – 60.8% – 10 Year – Speyside – First Fill Sherry Butt – Outturn: 618 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Robust notes on the nose to start with brown sauce, soy sauce,figs, dates and Old Jamaica chocolate. Tasted neat, it was hot andhad some struck matches (sulphur?), salty toffee, fruit cake, clovesand coke. Adding water made us think of egg custard in an oldJaguar (leather) and there was fig jam, toffee and rapeseed oil. Thetaste retained the sulphury notes but it was pleasant – rum & raisinice cream, glace cherries, dark chocolate, ginger loaf and a toffeesauce finish. Elgin’s gallows once stood within the grounds of thisdistillery.” Drinking Tip: “Following a drive in the country in aclassic car.” - $112.99 – SOLD OUT
  4. 2.81: Black tea in a greenhouse - 59.9% 15 Year – Speyside – First Fill Sherry Butt – Outturn: 500 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Rich and heady aromas of butterscotch, molasses and rum soakedraisins together with crème brulee, orange oil, geraniums and agreenhouse on a warm day. Toffee sweetness was balanced bybalsamic and a trace of struck matches. The taste was hot, therewas liquorice, black tea tannins, toffee and black pepper. Waterimproved it offering smooth buttery toffee, tobacco and balsamic.The palate was still tannic (like chewing sticks) with brown saucebitterness but also sweet with vanilla, butterscotch and caramel.This Speyside distillery is close to the famous pack horse bridge.” Drinking Tip: “A pudding dram.” - $149.99 – SOLD OUT
  5. 4.164: Muddy tractor62% – 11 Year – Island/Orkney – First Fill Ex-Bourbon – Barrel – Outturn: 203 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Rich Madagascan vanilla with lemon barley to start on the nose.On the first sip of spirit, the panel’s composure was tested. Therewas an immediate welling up of eyes. The sensation was akin tosucking on full strength peppermint sweets. An old mud coveredtractor remembered one of the panellists. An unexpectedcombination of flavours mingled favourably- lapsang souchong teaand chilli chocolate. With water the Panel got recentlyextinguished camp fires and a heather covered field on a hotsummer’s day interspersed with wild garlic. The mouth had uschewing on smoked bacon to start, then were sucking on dustyboiled lemon sweets for our dessert.” Drinking Tip: “Time to drink: camping trip in lateSeptember.” - $123.49 – ONLY A FEW LEFT!
  6. 53.167: Old style smoky pubs58.2% – 11 Year – Islay – Refill Ex-Bourbon Hogshead – Outturn: 269 Bottles – Panel’s Tasting Note: “The nose, with smoke, embers, smoky bacon crisps, ashtrays andseasoned wood suggested old-style smoky pubs. We also got cinnamonsugar and pears in wine with clove and orange peel. The unreducedpalate was intensely sweet and hot, conveying cinders, sugar-coatedfennel seeds and liquorice allsorts. Water brought incense, perfumedsmoke, jamón serrano and barbeques to the nose; also ginseng,wood-sap and herbal hints. The palate seemed even sweeter but alwaysbalanced by coal, ash, smoke, citrus and salt water – suggestionsincluded margaritas and ‘lime squeezed on a razor strop’. You almostcould hit Jura with a skimmer from here.” Drinking Tip:“A sweet and pungent dram that wouldaccompany tapas well.” - $136.49 – SOLD OUT
  7. 127.26: Student party aftermath - 65.6% – 9 Year – Islay – Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel – Outturn: 235 Bottles - Panel’s Tasting Note: “Initial fireworks in coal cellars became a doctor’s surgery (antiseptic,wood, leather) – also some pastrami and smoked sausage, but graduallysweetness asserted itself (vanilla, sweet spices, caramelised pear, colacubes, pineapple cubes). The palate was simply huge! – sweet andsmoky, with medicinal notes, cinnamon, chorizo and an ashy finish. Thereduced nose suggested the aftermath of a student party – cider andblackcurrant, pistachios, Gauloise ash in fruit salad tins used asashtrays. The reduced palate was still breath-catching but sweeter andmore approachable; tar, liquorice and menthol spiced up the finish.Distillery named after a town named after a woman.” Drinking Tip: “Last thing at night (if not afraid ofspontaneous combustion).” - $127.26 – SOLD OUT

Other Returned Whiskies: Total Available Bottles

  1. 3.188: THE CAMPING TRIP – $130.49                                                 12
  2. 9.66: MELLOW-DRAM-ATIC – $126.99                                                 13
  3. 63.27: JAR JAR BINKS IN TROUBLE AGAIN – $88.49                 12
  4. 121.50: XMAS CAKE & AFGHAN COATS – $102.49                         4

Other Available Society Bottlings:

  1. A4: SOFT, SPICY, RICH AND INTENSE – Armagnac – $170.99 – 7 left
  2. 3.187: CAMPHOR MUSCLE OIL & RUSSIAN CARAMEL – Going Fast! – $126.99
  3. 3.193: BABY-FACED ARSONIST – $130.99 – Only 6 left!
  4. 4.165: SOFT PEAT & SEASIDE PIERS – $174.49 – Just 1 left!
  5. 4.166: IMPRESSIONS OF AN ORKNEY LANDSCAPE – $164.99 – Only 6 left!
  6. 4.167: FLAPJACKS & OJ’S CEREAL – $147.99 – Only 6 left!
  7. 5.35: LAUNDRY IN THE BAKERY – $116.99 – Only 6 left!
  8. 29.121: SEAFOOD PARTY ON THE BEACH – $164.99
  9. 30.70: VENUS IN FURS – $170.99 – Only 5 left!
  10. 30.71: BURNT CRUMPET & HIGHLAND TOFFEE – $127.49
  11. 30.72: TAKE A BREAK AND HAVE A… – $110.99
  12. 35.67: WINTER SPICE FOR THE SUMMER – $181.49
  15. 39.83: YUMMY & MOUTH-WATERING – 28Yr Speysider- $208.99 – Just 2 left!
  16. 53.168: ELASTOPLAST ON A ROASTED TONGUE – $142.99 – Only 6 Left
  17. 66.32: ROLY-POLU PUDDING – $117.49
  18. 73.54: DECADENT & DELICIOUS – But 3 left! – $164.99
  19. 76.89: A WHISPER OF DECADENCE – $133.99
  20. 76.92: TICKS ALL THE BOXES – $198.49
  21. 106.18: BOTTLED ESSENCE OF SUMMER – 27Yr Speysider – $197.99 – But 3 left!
  22. 121.55 : BITTER MARMALADE & BOOZY PRUNES – $122.99


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