Albert Grivault – Our Newest Producer from Burgundy

The wines  Albert Grivault are under the radar! As one of the largest Premier Crus in the region, Domaine Albert Grivault provides wines that are characteristic of the Burgundy region of France. Located near the village of Meursault, this winery produces wines that resonate with fruits and minerality. The slopes of Cote d’Or provide a limestone soil that infuses the grapes with a mineral flavor that is only found in wines from this area. Originally founded 1897, the estate owner passed away without an heir to the vineyard. Albert Grivault took a leap of faith to purchase the property as it was rampant with Phylloxera. Being a successful liquor distiller, HE was able to get the vineyard running and has passed the Domaine Albert Grivault on to his grandchildren with great success and providing wines that are coveted all over the world. Domaine Grivault’s white wines are generally regarded as of a very high caliber, and are described as having a bright, acidic nature with astounding levels of clear minerality, although these traits reach their peak only after several years of aging.

Domaine Albert Grivault Bourgogne Blanc 2010

A very stylistic wine with great complexity and finesse. Quite amazing for a Bourgogne and may one day be classified Meursault. For now it’s a great buy. Light yellow in color the wine has a lovely floral citrus perfume with a tinge of pineapple. It has great style and finesse with lovely floral, citrus, mineral tinged flavors accented by faint hints of pineapple and has a lovely, crisp finish. This is irresistibly  delicious. Only 90 cases produced!


Domaine Albert Grivault Clos les Perrier 2009

The Meursault 1er cru Perrieres 2009 gets its unique flavor from the vineyard being located on the limestone ridges of the Côte d’Or. A structured wine with a fruity flavor of orange, pear, peach, and lemon inspirations. While fruity, it has a rich creaminess that is smooth to the palate with a crisp finish and long, lingering fruit flavors. The terrior of the region provides an earthy, mineral tone to the wine that is undeniably Burgundy to provide a delicate balance between toast and stone flavors. Only 500 cases produced.


Domaine Albert Grivault Meursault 2009The AC Meursault has an extra layer of depth and concentration above the delicious Bourgogne Blanc – richer, more yellow fruits, peach with a bigger mouth presence and a long, beautiful finish. A wine to drink now and over the next 5-8 years or more.


Domaine Albert Grivault Pommard Clos Blanc 2009

This vineyard, located in Pommard, is planted to Pinot Noir. It is called “Clos Blanc” as it used to be planted to Chardonnay. Look for a nice balance of spice, dark fruit and a gamey note. Elegant for Pommard, more feminine than masculine, showing breeding and class and elegance along with its slightly Pommard-esque edge. This vineyard is planted next to Montrachet and they have applied for a Grand Cru status.


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