3 Tantalizing Wine Tastings Coming Up


Global Series II Sauvignon Blanc – April 25th – $35.00

Without a doubt this is one of the most popular grape varieties on the planet. Everyone loves a glass of crisp, cold Sauvignon Blanc. If you think you know your “Sauvignons” we challenge you to come to this tasting. Quelle Surprise! Thr Apr 25 * Sign up for all 4 Global Series and Save $5.00 per class

Global Series II Merlot- May 9th – $45

Much maligned since Hollywood’s movie “Sideways” made everyone afraid to admit they drank Merlot or, worse yet, that they even liked it, we’d like to set the record straight. Merlot is delicious! Come taste a universal selection! Thr May 9 * Sign up for all 4 Global Series and Save $5.00 per class    $45.00

Wine Fest – May 16th – $40

Come help us celebrate our 21st birthday with a giant wine tasting and super sale! We clear the store to make room for all our top producers.

To Register Call: 403-283-8000 or visit: https://www.kensingtonwinemarket.com/tastings/register.php

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