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Tight Wad – Frugal Finds

by Dave I remember when I first started working at Kensington Wine Market, I had a couple of different reasons. First I wanted to earn some extra money to save enough to go travelling. Secondly, I wanted to still drink … Continue reading

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Bourbon and BBQ

by Evan Bourbon. Barbecue. Unless you are a vegan teetotaler, these are likely two of your favourite words in the English language. For good reason too. They are two great tastes that should hopefully taste great together, right? All of … Continue reading

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Asian Whisky Revival: A Rose By Any Other Name…

by Curt …would smell as sweet. Thus spake William Shakespeare. And if the sentiment is good enough for the Bard, it’s good enough for me. Of course, at the time Romeo was being talked off the ledge by our darling … Continue reading

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Espiritu de Mexico

by Shawn These agave tastings are becoming more frequent, and – if I do say so – more fun as of late. Though they nearly always sell out anyway, the surge in Mezcal popularity over the past three years has … Continue reading

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada April 2019 Outturn

by Evan March was a busy month, just flying by. We had the Outturn of course, at the beginning. The following day after running the tastings here at KWM, I became a father for the third time. I managed to … Continue reading

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