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Happy Canada Day Long Weekend from Kensington Wine Market!

Celebrating 151 Years of Everything That Makes Canada Amazing! In a world as big as it is with a population reaching towards the 8 billion mark and Canada only making up a minuscule almost 37 million I feel unbelievably lucky, … Continue reading

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Gin Is In

by Comrade Hunter After having our shelves loaded to buckling with new gins swarming the market, it was about time that we had another Gin class. The consumer has spoken and they are thirsty for white, juniper infused spirit; a … Continue reading

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New Beers for the Month of June part 1 of 2

Hello to all! It’s time again to give you the lowdown on what tasty new beers I’ve been able to acquire and make available to you all! Hand-picking my beer selection, and tailoring it to you beer geeks and casuals … Continue reading

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Rosé All Day!

by Dave It is getting to be that time of year when can really enjoy the season, rosé season that is! If you have not tried any or have the idea that rosé wine is just sweet and syrupy then … Continue reading

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Women in Wine

by Abi ‘[My father] thought [with me] being a girl, I would not keep the estate going for the next generation’ – Anne Gros Women in the world of wine are fierce. They work hard night and day to produce … Continue reading

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Shaking Off the Winter Brews

by Shawn I don’t normally play beer favourites based on season, but of course, it’s just natural to reach for those light, possibly fruity, possibly tart, crushable beers. Now is about the time when brewers will start introducing some of … Continue reading

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Rum Rebellion

by Comrade Hunter Why do we call this class Rebellious Rums? Are rums rebellious? I don’t think so. If anything, rum is silky, soft, sweet, caressing, easy, fun … ho, what have we here? 69% Alcohol? What is the meaning … Continue reading

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Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada Outturn for June 2018

So now it is June. We are already near the halfway point of 2018. The planet keeps spinning through the days and orbiting through the months with seemingly no inclination to stop and take a breather. Summer might not be … Continue reading

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