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KWM 2022 Whisky Calendar Day 22: Paul John Peated Select Cask

Posted on December 23, 2022

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by Evan

Remember back, ages ago, on Day Three of the 2022 KWM Whisky Calendar? It was a long time back from where we are now.

We had this quaint idea that this would be the year we got all of our holiday shopping done and wrapped by the beginning of the month, and not leave it to the last minute like every year before this. We were going to set ourselves up to relax and enjoy December. The Farmer’s Almanac told us that it would be mild weather throughout the month until after new year’s, so we didn’t have to worry about the engine block in our vehicle becoming a giant ice cube and not starting one morning.

We would get to all of our children’s ice times and Christmas concerts and other activities promptly and get absolutely filthy wallowing in the festive spirit of it all. Plus, we were going to eat meals full of fibre and vegetables, stay away from sweets and caffeine and set ourselves up for a reasonable, obtainable goal of healthy living and moderation without having to resort to a knee-jerk and extreme resolution in the new year.

Wait... You don’t remember any of those best-laid plans and hopes for staving off the general holiday panic and anxiety? Well, neither do I!

What I do remember is the excellent Paul John PX Select Cask mini bottle we enjoyed back on Day Three of this year’s KWM Whisky Calendar. I don’t remember it like it only happened a scant 19 days ago, though. It almost feels like a bottle from a previous lifetime at this point. But this all brings us back around to today’s whisky, which is also from Paul John. Crack open Door number Twenty-Two and you will find the Paul John Peated Select Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky!

Now, perhaps you made slogged your way through that preamble and are just now realizing that I have not said anything new about Paul John Distillery, which resides in Goa, India and was founded in 1992 but didn’t start releasing single malt whisky until 2012…

Sadly, you are right. I don’t have much else to say about Paul John that wasn’t already covered in my blog post from Day Three.

So, let’s stick to a quick recap regarding this specific bottle. For their peated malt, John Distillers sources peat from the UK. It is brought to India and then used to dry malted 6-row barley that was grown within India itself. It is matured in ex-Bourbon casks and bottled at a healthy 55.5%. Shall we try it out?

Paul John Peated Select Cask – 55.5%

Full-size bottles can be found here

This is a peated cask-strength Indian single malt whisky from the state of Goa. Matured in Ex-Bourbon barrels before bottling at 55.5%.

Evan’s Tasting Note

Nose: Smokey with lime and salt notes, along with a crispy bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich in a brioche bun. Also slices of pineapple with a dash of cayenne pepper and paprika.

Palate: Spicy and peat-driven arrival that warms you up before making way for the malted barley. Tangerines, mangos, more pineapple, sweet lemonade, ground pepper, pork rinds, and dried seaweed snacks.

Finish: Bacon-wrapped mangos, so vivid I want to make some.

Comment: 55.5% you say? This is so drinkable considering the strength. The combination of sweet and spicy is very enticing.

Well, well! I enjoyed the Paul John PX Select Cask on Day Three, but the Peated Select Cask is every better! I really could go for a BLT sandwich with a side of slice mango right now.

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