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History In A Bottle Day 6: OMC KWM Port Ellen 25 Year

Posted on December 7, 2022

This post is Bonus Content. It has information on one of the KWM Cask bottles that are featured on the back of our 2022 KWM Whisky Calendar box. You can find the blog post for the mini bottle for Day Six of our Whisky Calendar here.

by Andrew

Old Malt Cask KWM Port Ellen 25 Year

The one and only ever Port Ellen bottled by KWM has extra special meaning to me, which goes deeper than most of our other exclusive casks. The bottling of a cask of Port Ellen was arranged ahead of time with just the final selection. This was before Fred and Stewart split their inheritance and set out on their own with Douglas Laing and Hunter Laing respectively. I was guiding my first group whisky tour to Scotland, and unbeknownst to my participants, the first thing we were going to do upon gathering in Scotland was pick a cask of Port Ellen to be bottled for KWM.

We did this at Douglas Laing’s old Georgian offices in Glasgow, not far from the town center. On the third floor, they had a library, with an incredible archive of single-cask samples. If you want to try Glenury Royal from 1972… no problem. Brora from 1977… what cask type? Rosebank from the early 1990s… you’ll have to be more specific! Before my guests and I were let loose on the archives, we had a few Port Ellen samples to review. One of them was dynamite and would become our one and only KWM-exclusive Port Ellen cask. There was supposed to be a second cask, but then the Hunters and the Laings started their blood feud and that was the end of that!

Oh, and did I mention the price… it was $250+gst… bet you wished you were one of our customers way back then…

Old Malt Cask KWM Port Ellen 25 Year

Andrew's Tasting Note

"The first sip has some heat, but it's clean and rolls out into earthy green notes, then sweet honey and finally salty smoke. The second sip is classic Port Ellen, all the taste buds in my mouth are alight with sweet, smoky, earthy, fresh and fruity notes. Towards the back of the palate, the smoky-briny take over and lead the charge with some dark chocolate-peat close behind. The third sip is creamier, with buttery-briny-peat; very lovely!"

Andrew Ferguson


Kensington Wine Market

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