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Wine Tasting - Private or Corporate - Off Site

Posted on May 28, 2022

Thank you for your inquiry regarding off-site Private Wine Tastings. Below is some general information regarding event costs for you to look at.

Please keep in mind there is a tasting fee of $350 that is paid directly to the staff person that hosts the event. This is separate from the costs shown below. Depending on the size and scope of the tasting you are looking for, two or more staff may be needed to accommodate.

For a sit-down, classroom-type tasting the typical pour is a 1 oz per bottle for each person, so we typically get between 20 to 25 pours out of each standard-sized wine bottle purchased. The upside to having us run this type of tasting is that the bottles purchased for the tasting itself are often half the price (or even one-third of the price!) of the same bottle if you purchased it at a restaurant.

Here are a few options for this type of wine tasting:

Basic Wine Tasting – Approximately $250-420 for the wine itself.

  • This tasting includes wine bottles that are typically between $20-30 per bottle. For a sit-down, formal tasting at least one bottle would be needed for approximately every 20 people. Assuming you are having an event with 25 people and a 5-7 bottle wine tasting, you would be looking at a budget of approximately $250-420 for the wine itself.

Mid-Range Wine Tasting – Approximately $450-700 for the wine itself.

  • A mid-range tasting gets you into some higher-end and sometimes cellar-worthy wines and would include bottles priced at around $35-50 per bottle.

Higher End Wine Tasting - Approximately $800-1400 for the wine itself.

  • Featuring a range of impressive wines ranging from $60-100 or more each that would be at least twice the price at a restaurant.

Those are just three potential options. There is a lot of flexibility within this framework, and you could even blend the budget from two or all three options to come up with the tasting experience you are looking for.

The hosted event itself typically runs between 1 - 1.5 hours in length - sometimes longer if it is an enthusiastic group that wants to take their time and ask questions along the way.

If you also need to rent glassware for the event, we can provide that as well. The charge is $1 per glass with a replacement fee for damaged or lost glasses of $5 per glass. You would want one glass per bottle times the number of people attending. So, if it is a 6-bottle tasting for 15 people plus the host it would be 16 x 6 = 166 glasses for the rental fee. With the rental, we collect the glassware at the finish of the tasting and take care of the washing as well.

If you have any questions on this or would like more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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