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Going Natural Wine Club - February 2022

Posted on March 14, 2022

by Abi

Joao Pato Duckamn Romy Espumate 

Bairrada DO, Portugal 

100% Baga 

Organic, Biodynamic,  

Coming from the famed Pato family, Maria sought to make her own distinctive and creative wines that highlight the beautiful indigenous varietals of Bairrada, Portugal.  Here, she focuses on low-intervention production, tending to the vineyards in a way that goes against modern societal norms in Bairrada. There are no indications of the region on the labels, done intentionally to demonstrate an acute sense of place and varietal typicity through minimal intervention in the cellar. 

This spumante is made from 100% Baga, one of the notable grapes of the region. From 30-year-old vines planted to several plots of chalky-clay soils in the São Lourenço and Óis do Bairro vineyards. The grapes are hand-harvested at the beginning of August, spontaneous fermentation takes place in stainless steel with ambient yeasts for three weeks without temperature control, no dosage. The wine is vinified in the traditional method and aged in bottle Rose in colour, vibrant notes of cherry, red apple, raspberries and ocean breeze. A fun wine to sip and enjoy with cheese, crackers, olives or even shellfish.  



Save Our Souls Sagrantino 

Yarra Valley, Australia 

100% Sagrantino 

Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan, 

Save Our Souls is a collaboration with William Downie, one of the top natural wine producers within Australia, and his close friend, Jason Searle.  The premise of this production was to create wines that are adventurous, equal parts serious and playful, with the goal of always evolving and always having a good time doing it.  

This is the first time we are seeing the Dave Our Souls Sagrantino on our shelves. It’s a flavour bomb, with unique texture. The grape itself typically creates extremely high tannins in wine (the drying sensation typically felt along the gum line), yet the tannins show through in texture in this wine; When sipping this Sagrantino, you may feel like you just licked plum skin. You’ll feel the juicy tannins all over and it plays well with the wines vibrant, fruity character. We recommend slightly chilling this wine and serving it along with a greasy hamburger.  

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