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Going Natural Wine Club - November 2021

Posted on January 19, 2022

by Abi

Blog Post # 6 – Low Intervention Convention 

Delinquente Wine Weeping Jaun Pert-Nat

Petillant Naturel. Naturally Sparkling. It’s unfiltered, cloudy and funky, but its light, delicious and so much fun. Spritzy and yeasty, with bracing acidity bouncing off sweet dark plums and berries. 

Delinquente is a small batch, single vineyard handmade Australian wine company.  They work with organically grown, Southern Italian grape varieties from the Riverland, fermented with wild yeast and minimal intervention.  

 The Riverland can be very hot and very dry, especially in the during the grape growing season. For that reason, the team at Delinquente has chosen to work with Southern Italian grape varieties – varieties that are suited to the climate, need less water and are naturally drought resistant, are late ripening and retain natural acidity. This means that they can focus on more environmentally sustainable vineyard practices and produce wines with lower alcohol levels and lots of freshness and flavour. 

This year’s Weeping Juan is a blend of crunchy Nero D’avola and juicy Vermentino!  

I have to be honest; I did select this before the new 2021 vintage landed on the market and before we had a chance to taste it. Why you may ask? Because, Deliquiente wines are always delicious, and they have made it clear that 2021 is the best vintage yet!! I should note, I have enjoyed 2 bottles of this wine since and it is insanely delicious! 

The reason that the 2021 vintage was better than their previous ones is due to the environmental phenomena of the La Nina Cycle.  

“...a La Nina cycle [brought] a good spring rainfall, mild summer temperatures and cool, crisp nights. The Bassham Family Organic and Biodynamic vineyard, bursting with natural vitality and life, took full advantage of Mother Nature’s gift and produced beautiful quality fruit – sweet, layered, and with piercing acidity – and plenty of it too!” 

It is refreshing to hear that the 2021 vintage was kind to some wine regions, considering much of this year has been filled with news articles talking about how Europe was affected by a devastating frost in the early spring, which has heavily decreased the output of the 2021 vintage.  

Peter Wetzer Pinot Noir 


We don't see a lot of red wines from Sopron, Hungary in our market, so it was an easy decision to include the Peter Wetzer Pinot Noir in this month’s GNC. 

Winemaker Peter Wetzer found ancient records of a former vineyard on his family's land, as well as records of the region’s ancient wine trade. The discovery convinced him to try winemaking and now he uses an old press and wild yeasts, making everything by hand.  

"He seeks to make wines with personality and identity, with character influenced by their origin and heritage, made with traditional grape varieties which translate the sense of place." 

Peter also focuses on producing wines naturally, focusing on nurturing the healthy soil, working with the natural biodiversity of each vineyard and minimum spraying with copper sulfate and a nettle tincture he makes. He believes in minimal intervention in the vines, never tilling the soil or trimming the leaves. All grapes are hand-harvested, and the vineyards are all fermented separately. 

His Pinot Noir is a classic expression of the grape; Crunchy red fruit, bright minerality and a zesty finish. Two vineyards, Krafter and Kogl, are used for this wine. Krafter features thirty-five-year-old vines planted on limestone. Kogl has forty-five-year-old vines planted on iron rich schist. Each is equally represented in the wine. It is fermented with wild yeast in open-top wooden vats with 100% whole-cluster inclusion.  

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